I have something to say to everyone who has posted a message here. Christains - STOP TALKING ABOUT HELL AND SATAN! I'm a christian and I don't talk about hell or satan, considering not even the bible fully supports either of these concepts. Its people like you that turn people off to christianity. I also do not bash other religions - if in the end they inspire people to do good unselfishly, I believe that they have been saved through jesus christ. As for the non-Christians - quit being so smug.

I honestly admit that the bible has translation errors, little editorial changes made by nutcases and has been interpreted in evil ways by mislead people. HOWEVER - the final message remains the same. Jesus Christ lived and died for all of us. God loves us all, even those of us that do horribly wrong things (or at least more wrong than others). Please stop being so smug about not believing in the one who loves you so much. There are in fact many of us who prefer having hope rather than no hope at all. God bless all of you forever.


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