No Such Thing

There is no such thing as an ex-Christian. If you thought you were a christian, and now you believe you are an ex-christian, you have missed the doctrine of Christianity. All you are is simply one who thought he was a Christian but now simply is still not a Christina. Being a Christian is not based on anything you do or don't do, not on who you are or were. In other words, you don't become a Christian by doing good deeds. There are probably many pastors/missionaries/teachers/etc who are going to Hell. God promises that He will be faithful to complete what He started. Read the Bible. You give yourself so much credit by claiming that you can become something on your own freewill or deny something that is sovereignly given to a person.


Life without Jesus is meaningless

I came across your website this morning and found it very interesting.
I feel sorry for everyone on here who say they have had a bad experience with Christianity. but unfortunately all i have read on here is the testimonies of people who arent truely born again.

You see being brought up in a christian family doesn't make you a christian. In the same way Going to McDonalds does not make you a hamburger!

I was brought up in a non christian family and was Led to the lord by a friend and since then my life has totally changed!

The bible tells us that Jesus came to give life and life to the full and sice he entered my life he has given me all i could ever ask for. but most of all he has given me an assurance that one day i will be with him.

Life without Jesus is meaningless and i would encourage you all to really seek him. Because he loves you and died so you could be free

God Bless

Luke <><

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