You fools... this website is pathetic

A letter from Benny

This website is pathetic...You bash pastors for asking money for their religion and you have a donate button right on the front page...

If you left Christianity and have no religion then there is no reason to recruit anyone else... what is it going to win you? A darker non-existence when you die? What then, if you "express" your non-christianity then you get to be some kind of spooky ghost that floats around the earth after you die?

Just another attempt at making money, just like you are accusing church people of doing...sad, so sad...

And I had hoped people really were sincere about their religious doubt, but you fools just are hoping to capitalize on it...figures...

What now?

From Matthew

I have been de-converted for around three months now. It's actually been much better leaving a religion that had scarred me emotionally.

Primarily, I had an emotional reason for questioning the religion. Now, through my journey, I am compelled to think about answers to
  1. What about earth and the human race? Don't these things witness to some kinda higher power? How do we rationalise that?

  2. What do we hold onto when facing problems in life? How do we endure it, and what do we hold onto?

  3. How do we get finally out of this religion thing once and for all?

I don't want to go back into the shell for reason because of fear or unfulfilled answers, but I want to be free totally & be at peace with my existence.

Looking forward to your comments.

Catholic Lies

From John

I Googled 'Catholic lies' to see what would come up ... and here I am, with you. I was reared catholic and ditched the insanity of catholicism as soon as I could. why? well, if the teachers of Christianity taught by slapping the crap out of kids and kicking them (a priest in high school almost broke my shin bone), I wasn't going to be much of a student.

Catholicism has nothing to do with faith or spirituality and everything to do with the collection of wealth and political power. The church's methods have been among the most brutal in history. speaking of history, a good primer is the book on Faith, part of Will Durant's brilliant series, "The Story of Civilization."

I like what my Aunt Ruth, your typical intelligent, educated, thinking and thoughtful atheist says, when speaking about the ideas of gods: Why all the mystery? did this intergalactic hero really need to create an earth and solar system billions of years ago and then only 2000 years ago decide the Christians were the one and only? Gimme a break.

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Barak Obama kills babies

Sent in by Jason

I just discovered this website today. I wish I had found it about a year ago.

I recently moved from Tucson, AZ to a small town in central WA. I grew up in the Midwest and was a devout Christian until I was 15. I finally realized then that I was surrounded by hypocrites and people judging my every move. Now I am happily married to a woman who had a similar upbringing. Christianity was shoved in her face until she couldn't take the B.S. anymore either.

We were married in Tucson where we had lots of friends with very similar beliefs and a good support system. We have a beautiful 5-year-old daughter and wanted to live in a small town in the Pacific Northwest. We live in the best school district with small class sizes, and there is virtually no crime here! We live a modest life, and we both have good jobs.

Our neighbors have three kids 16, 9 and a 5-year-old. They are a very nice family from Mexico with whom we let our 5-year-old go over and play. Our daughter is very outgoing and has never met another kid she didn't like and is very inquisitive like most five-year-olds. She has asked us about god before and we have never given her a straightforward answer and say we will tell her more about it when she gets older so she can understand things better on her own. We don't want to deny her the chance of learning anything at the right time.

She has come home from the neighbor’s house and asked us why we don't go to church. We told her more of the same. Yesterday she came home and asked my wife if Barak Obama kills babies because that is what the neighbors’ 9-year-old told her. Luckily I wasn't home or I would have gone over to their house immediately, but I was at work and I had some time to kill and think things through a little bit. This is when I started researching a came across this website.

I will talk with the father tomorrow about this whole thing and report on exactly what I said and his explanation. I do not know what religion they are, but in my mind no nine-year-old should be saying things like that -- whatever religion they are.

I just recently put up an Obama sign in our yard.

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Random thoughts that are important to me

From Jonathan

I have been viewing the posts on this site for a couple of months now. I feel very connected to the people and the stories that I read on here. I would say that I am a spiritual person that leans towards humanitarian thinking (I have not studied it much) and more agnostic than atheist. I was going to a United Church of Christ church and loved the spiritualism there, but not the push to be a liberal activist.

With that little sliver of who I am I want to know how everyone has survived there families that are worried about them, praying for them, still believe god has a plan for your life and that it will manifest itself. I have turned to my parents as of late for support because I have been living a desperate, unplanned (without goals) life for the past 10 years (I am 32).

I have struggled with addiction issues these past 10 years too (I have a theory that this happens to a lot of people raised as I was) and have tried 12 step groups, but I found that they reminded me too much of growing up in the Assembly of God church that getting away from the negativity was more important to my health. I am desperately seeking support, and I don't go to my church anymore on the weekends because I have a part time job to make ends meet. I have good friends and they all live out of state except one who I appreciate. How do I find healthy friends?

I would be happy to clarify anything. I could write forever since I think about how being raised as I was really affected my life more often than I like to admit.

Just wondering if anyone can relate.

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Where to, from here?

From ML

I was a Christian. Jesus was my rock, my world, my everything. My curious mind got the better of me. I found that Jesus was the sun.

And now I don't know what to hold on to!!!
I know the truth now! Where to, from here????

Child of Horus, Mithra, Krishna, Dionysus, Jesus....

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I'm confused

A letter from Ashley

If you all don't believe in God or Jesus, why does this website exist? If in fact you truly believed there was no God, would you need to argue about it? If you dont believe in God, why are you talking about Him? You're talking, arguing, and making statements about a being that ceases to exist in your mind. How does that even work?

By discussing Him, you are really proving that He is a being worth being contemplated and discovered.

Just a thought.

Thanks, Jesus

From TM

As I continue to "molt" away the last vestiges of my Christian faith, it's letters like these (from a church I used to visit) that only confirm the absence of any god:

"We have all been praying for little baby Levi, unfortunately he passed away early this morning. Please pray for his family, especially his parents. As you can imagine they are taking it very badly! They really need prayers and comfort form God right now!"

Prior to this, there were many heartfelt and no doubt sincere prayer requests for this little baby. I guess god felt it best he just freakin' die. Gee....thanks Jesus!!!!

Jesus can go F*** himself. If Jesus exists within the framework of the Bible then I'll gladly suffer forever in Hell, shouting "'re a goddamn liar" from every day of my torment!

Are the beliefs and values of the different groups mutually exclusive?

From Dave AC

I was directed to this website after talking through email with an individual who participates at this sight. In my search for answers to the question of what is the purpose and meaning of this life I am exploring all systems of beliefs found within religion and those not a part of formal religous rites.

My current thoughts and question to this group is this:

I was raised in a religious home where my parents were very kind to others, accepting of those who were not of their faith and willing to give volunteer service as encouraged by their church. I have tried to follow their example which has brought joy to myself and family. I embraced many of the teachings and related to parts of the dogma of their church. There are other parts that I do not agree with. I also say that I have the same thoughts about humanists, atheist's or whomever..(I am sure how to identify the groups that are similar but with small differences) There are parts I agree with and some that I don't.

So with that back ground my question is: Are the beliefs and values of the different groups mutually exclusive of each other? Is it possible to embrace ideas from both groups? Are the tenents of organized religion invalid because of their association with a God? Is it possible to live a happy full filling life accepting thoughts and teachings from all walks of life which provide meaning and comfort. Or am I setting myself for a harder fall if I continue with my current ways?

Thanks for providing the forum to expand my search

i'm ready for the golf now.

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