It's a big old world without god

From L.E.B.

I was only a Christian for a few years, of my own choosing, and I am glad my parents were a-religious. They didn't brainwash us to anything except treat other people nicely. I did the same with my own kids and though sometimes I worry they don't "fit in," they all know how to think logically.

I don't hold a lot of animosity toward the ‘church,’ anymore. I was a Jesus-freak back in the day, mostly Four Square Gospel -- sister Amiee's church. I am, however, still pissed off that the pastor of my home church embezzled money to buy land for himself; I worked damn hard for the tithes I faithfully donated each payday. I had already left the church by the time they found out about that, so it wasn't like I had to face him or anything.

It never ceases to amaze me that the people who profess the loudest about morals or whatever are the ones who end up in sleazy sex scandals or run off with the money from the poor box or molest children. Why is that? The main thing that finally turned me off the church was the hypocrisy and the greed.

But then there was the doubting that there is a god, which is a totally different thing than leaving the people in church. It is the idea of leaving the idea of god behind, and I am still not sure about that sometimes. As my uncle said, “It's a big old world without god -- kind of scary.” What he said is true, and there is some kind of emotional support about having that imaginary friend in the sky that you can depend on. Right now I am considering the agnostic vs. the atheist thing and not sure where I stand. The flying spaghetti monster not withstanding, it would be nice if there was a god and it was as nice as I wanted it to be, but -- yeah -- wanting it to happen doesn't make it real

About that crazy Marc who wants to convert us all back to his nut cult of some version of Christianity (all religions are nut cults, really). Well, I wonder if he is just scared that we all are right, and there is no god and he's been basing his life on a lie. If so, that kind of thinking that tends to make you defensive. Fear is a big motivator, so that's were you need to go with him. Unless of course he just needs to take his meds anyway, in which case there's not a damn thing anyone can do for him, poor guy. All those other saviors who try to re-convert us, they are either: a) scared shitless that we're right or b) so thoroughly convinced and worried about us all (god bless 'em) that they just want us to be saved-and-happy-and-live-with-god-in-heaven-forever!

Anyway, this is a very worth-while site. Are there others like it? If not, that's surprising, huh? I wish you all the luck with the site. Good luck to all trying to get over what the whack jobs have done to their heads.

I try to think of my time as a Christian as a stepping stone to enlightenment (don't ask me what I mean by that; I don't know), but I have moved on, mostly, although TEEVEE preachers and arrogant sexist preachers still piss me off a lot.

Have fun!

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