I was very wrong

I must say. I thought as I came to this site (some how I got here looking for the matrix theme...) that I would just find a large amount of disgruntled morons disrespecting a religion.

I was very wrong.

As I read on I find that all of you seem to be average people with good sound ideas. I am a Catholic by definition and I would send that ten dollars in if I had a PayPal account. I obviously do not, but I must say otherwise I support your site.

While it goes against what I believe, you do show good support for your ideals and you stand by them when others challenge you, and I find that a rare as well as noble trait. I find it funny how people like you ex-Christians, atheists, and other no-god etc. groups stand by your ideas more than those who support a god.

Well, in conclusion, thank you for taking the time to read this and good luck with the site.

joseph c

God, Democracy and Evolution


I have recently launched a website called God, Democracy and Evolution that contains some of the best explanations of religious issues on the Internet.

For example, my website has the most readable step by step explanation of human evolution, the most probable histories of Israel and Christianity, and much more, all written from a purely rational agnostic position, but intended to be a sympathetic resource for disillusioned Christians.

The website is also a promotional site for a book that I have written that contains all of the issues that were too controversial for the website. Issues like religion in politics, sexual morality, and the need for a more militant effort toward religious reform.

My book is damning of the failures and inadequacies of mainstream Christianity, and it presents a more powerful argument against ID than any other evolutionist book or website is currently offering.

I wonder what the chances are of having an article about my website or a review of my book appearing on unchristian.net? Or perhaps just a small link?

My website is http://www.principlesofexistence.net

Kind regards,

Robert Stewart

no more atheists

How dare you feeble minded people mock the One true God who made you.How can you turn your back on the truth.

You think you know everything when you are in fact fools like the bible say.I pity you for when judgment day comes you will be crying for you stupidity.If you people have everything figured out please explain to me how the world could come to exist without God?

All your foolishness and pure blindness to the truth are caused by Satan and your earthly logic cannot possibly explain God.

please repent and accept Jesus before it is too late!!


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