welcome to the family :-)

I admit I have lots of exposure to atheists who have been so more or less since birth (myself included), and as a given hardcore
Christians and such, but it is rare indeed to encounter a "fallen one," hehe. I look forward to perusing your website after reading
your opening statement and follow-up to it. Here's a cool quote I recently came across....

"The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Fickle, fickle Lord."
-Solomon Short

Frank V

Thanks Frank!

Hope you enjoy the site!

Dave VanAllen
webmaster of ExChristian.Net

You are an arshole!

from Janine

you are a self righteous, pompus arshole who blames the world and especially christians for all ur trouble in life. U should take responibilty for ur actions and stop blaming Christ. Only u r responsible for ur life NO ONE ELSE.

U have choosen to walk way from christ because of ur pride and hurt that God wasnt a give me god who gave u everything u ever asked for. People in the church make mistakes and so do u. u alone are to blame for the postion u are in!!!

U choose to not come under any leadership of the church by going to lots of diffent churches and when they tried to help u, u left because ur pride was hurt.. U werent in it for christ but rather for ur self and what u could get out of God. Christianity is not about u! and wat u can get from God. It is bout u being lost in ur sin and God choosing to save u of his own free will. GOD DOES NOT OWE U ANYTHING!!!!

The world does not owe u anything, I dont owe u anything. ur life is your own so grow up and take responsibilty for ur own actions and stop blaming others. The buck stops at u!

To Janine from the Webmaster

of ExChristian.Net:,

Thank you for your typically Christian comments!

Oh, and Janine, I did delete the other seven times you posted the exact same message. BTW, I love you janine, with an atheistic love that says you can be whatever you want, OKAY?

Ah, I however, still refuse to believe in fairy tales, even JESUS fairy tales.


Dave VA

Hi, Thanks for visiting

my site

Your site I think runs rings round mine (am too poor to get my own domain and too lazy to learn snazzy web publishing techniques).. Your testimony is very moving and at the same time reminds me that it is so easy to fall for the fundy trap, especially with the current rise of fundamentalism in many parts of the world (here in Singapore its getting a wee bit out of hand)..
Wishing you all success in your endeavors



Thanks for the return visit and the compliment. Just remember that it is content, not looks, that really matter when it comes to a website. Keep up with the writing!



Hello, you have a great web site.Your site is a great resource for me. I am not an exchristian however I did go to a baptist church as a child. I discovered early that I was far more interested in the girls at sunday school than any scriptures. I also always felt that the bible and "nature" didnt seem to mix to well.

For the past few years my feelings toward religion mainly christianity have grown more intense with absolute disgust. After the terror attacks on 9/11 these feeling have multiplied. I joined a web blog community{xanga} back in january and have since been debating with younger christians.Mainly between the ages of 15-30. I just joined your forum last night under foolsparade. I would also like to join a christian forum,do you have any recomndations?I probably would see more action by going there.I envy you with your knowledge of the bible,I still do not have enough disciplin to sit down and read the book cover to cover.I love reading writers such as Neitzsche, Camus, Voltaire, Twain, and books about Einstein. so you could imagine the utter boredom I experience with the bible.I hope to start up a web site also in the near future geared towards a "younger" audience. There are alot of teenagers I have noticed that are trying to spread among themeselves this gross concept.I would like to imagine that if there were a god, that this god would require nothing more from us than to just live in peace.

You should get bumper stickers for your store.I will purchase your book soon,I am knida poor right now..peace

Paul Weaver

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