Calling all Ex-christians!

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Calling all Ex-christians! I thought this might be a fun thing to share with all of you. I would like your input. I was going to do this myself, but I thought it would be rather fun to include all of you, too. You all are also very good at expressing yourselves (I'm ok at it), and have made many convincing arguments that cannot be refuted using the bible. Here we go!

I travel a lot for my job, and in my travels I have met a few believers. Some fundies, some not. There is one in particular who works for a company that we buy from. I was talking to him about the errors and such in the bible. He was surprised at my de-conversion, and has (arrogantly)offered to help clear up any "misconceptions" I may have. He said he could "blow any of them out of the water". I believe that this man has nowhere near the bible knowledge and understanding that all of us posess.

Let's give this guy a wake-up call in the name of truth.

I am asking any of you to as briefly as possible give either your best argument for your rejection of christianity, or a few contradictions, errors, or impossibilities in the bible that are unexplainable. Feel free to mix it up a bit, just make sure you give it your best shot, and help me convince this guy of the ridiculousness of christianity.

I am counting on you, my friends. Lets have some fun!


Evolution has no scientific grounds - May God open your eyes

Dear Sir,

I came across your website just by chance and was suprised to say the least. To say that God does not is exist is to make a ill thought out assumption so let me give you a few things to maybe consider, if there is no God then how did we get here?

The big bang?

That is ridiculous why?

well glad you asked first and foremost go get you some dynamite and light it see if any order results from that, I propose that explosions only create chaos not order, next look at the building in which you live how did it get there? A builder you say well how do you know can you see that builder right this second? NO! But you know there was a builder every creation must have a creator.

Evolution has no scientific grounds as well, look at all the so called neanderthal men all found to be false hoaxes first heidelberg man found to be human, nebraska man all deceptively put together from the tooth of an extinct pig!, piltdown man a modern ape, the list goes on and on check out Now the accuracy of the bible infallable there are 5,300 greek manuscripts and including syriac latin and aramaic there is a whopping 24,633 manuscripts, that confirm the wording of the scriptures. Outside of the bible there are other writings that give it confirmation the writings of Josephus, the Babalonyian Talmud,

Pliny the younger letter to the emporer Trajan, The annals of Tacitus, etc... fulfilled prophecies the rise and fall of empires like Greece and Rome Daniel 2:39-40, the destruction of tyre and Sidon Isiah 23, Alexander the Great Zechariah 9:4 Ezekiel 26:12, Jesus born in Bethelem Micah 5:2, to a virgin Isiah 7:14, betrayed for 30 pieces of silver Zechariah 11:12-13, die by the cross Psalm 22, buried in a rich mans tomb Isiah 53:9, all chance you say?? Now the subject why if God is love do people go to hell?

Let me propose a story if someone took your daughter assuming you have one if not pretend and beat her and raped her then killed her and this man was put on trial what do you suppose his punishment should be? This is the same with us we have broken Gods laws we have lied and are liars, stolen and are thieves, used HIS holy name in vain and are blasphemers, looked and lusted and are adulterers, justice demands that when a law is broken that punishment be carried out, just as with the man who raped the daughter, but the good part is JESUS took that punishment on the cross for YOU!! You deserved it He took it.

Think about these things before you react I do this in love and respect, May God open your eyes and turn you from darkness to light in the name of Yeshua.

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