one acid test

It seems to me there is one acid test that could prove the Bible is not the word of God.

There is lots of prophecy in the Bible. Christians claim it all comes true or will come true and there is a strong probablistic argument for the Bible being a miracle from this.

However it would seem to me that we would only need to find one prophecy among the hundreds stated which has not come true, and that because of of the way events have since gone no longer can come true (for example the nation concerned no longer exists) to discredit the truth of the prophecy. One unambigious example would be proof against surely? If the Bible has no supernatural aspect it would seem likely we would find one of these.

Has anyone done any research on this subject?

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Just an incident

Hi guys!

This isn't gonna be a testimony, cause I think I might give taht one to you later. But thanks for this website. It sure helps people to re-consider and get stuff straight. I just wanted to tell you about one situation I had with my christian friend.

Shortly after I was a born-again christian I asked my friend:

If god made every creature on earth the way it is supposed to be did the lions eat other animals then?

She: No, they were all getting along and not eating each other. They only did that after the world had fallen.

I: But then the world would have got overpopulated after only a short while. HOw would that have worked?

She: God i so great he would have figured that out. Don't you believe he is great enogh to solve that problem.

That was a moment when I really thought: Wow, it's gonna be hard to think that way.

All I say is that the arguments of chritians are sometimes really lame. Of course they sometimes have good arguments but well...very rarely I came to discover in the past months.


PS.: If theory and reality don't fit together...then reality must be wrong. ;)

I hardly know what to believe any more

I never thought I would find a site like this one - but its a comfort to know that there is one. Just reading a letter where someone mentioned Philip Yancey's book "Disappointment with God" and that pretty well sums it up for me too. So much has gone wrong since I became a Christian.

I know there have been some very poignant moments in my Christian life, and I can't forget those times, but generally speaking, the quality of my life seems to have deteriorated since becoming a Christian and I have suffered from major depression as a result of this deterioration.

I am told that this deterioration is a result of either curses or being under demonic attack. My anxiety levels have also definitely risen since becoming a Christian and I am fed up with just how complicated and scary it is to actually be a Christian. I hardly know what to believe any more, since every message is different.

I wish it were just so simple and there were no complications or talk of spiritual attacks or demons or having to develop a higher conscience. Why can't life be so simple and loving, instead of having to watch my p's and q's all the time and worry about what demon is looking over my shoulder or what curses are over my life! I am tired of the whole damn lot!!

I have walked away a number of times from the whole christian scene and I have been terrified of taking my life in my own hands, but I wanted to do that just to negate all my christian experiences. Fear keeps me bound in most of the time, but I wish I could just neutralise all the toxic messages from the countless of sermons I have been under and just be nothing - not a christian or anything - just me again without all this extra burden.

And another thing, I can't even have a normal conversation with most of my christian friends, since everything that they say seems to be so spiritual and there is so much left unsaid - I can never be myself!

Chris Lines

I find it very interesting that you...

I just wanted to say a few things to you in regards to your website.

From what I have seen here a lot of people talk about the lack of "proof" of God. The point of faith is to believe and trust in Him without him giving you a reason not to have faith. If you have any relationship don't you want your loved oens to trust you at some point without you constantly be doing miraculous things for them? At some point shouldn't they have faith in you as a person and for how much you care for them?

I find it very interesting that you take so much time and effort to mock Christianity. If someone were to disrespect your beliefs and thoughts you would be offended, yet you take full advantage of the opportunity to be disrespectful to the beliefs of many people who have not harmed you in any manner.

If you simply don't believe in Christ, why not leave it alone? Why the obsession? Either way I am sorry that you have so much bitterness and hate. It must be tough to carry that with you.

I know that very little anyone says to you will change your mind, so that is not my mission here. Rather, I want you to know I feel sorry for you and urge you to not be so grossly offensive and immature. You could spend your time doing many more productive things with your life and I urge you to do so.

Whatever you think Christianity "IS", I hope you may learn to accept it for what it wants to be and not what people try to force it to be. A God who comes down on a human level to suffer for His creation, is a God who loves everyone to a point he wants them to be able to be in fellowship with Him.

I pray for those like you who hold the beliefs you do every night. Jesus told examples of those who would hear His message but not firmly grab hold in his parable of the sower. I am sorry for whatever reason you became on those people and I pray things can change for you before its too late.

Either way, I imagine you respect "Freedom of Religion" and Religious Tolerance, so maybe you could allow Christians to believe what they want and tolerate them and not be hateful. Its people like yourself who keep hatred in the world, and it is sad. I do what I can to not hate others and to love them, it would be greaqt if you could do the same.

In closing, I hope nothing I've said here has come off as me wanting to be hateful, or ignorant, or anything else that you commonly assume of Christians. If it has, I do apologizem but just know that I don't even know you or anyone else on this site, but I have love for them and will pray for you all as I pray for everyone.

May God bless you and you find your way back to Him.


I'm a pastor in Indiana

I just came across your site for the first time. Interesting. But just between you and me (I'd hate to disillusion your readers) it's not christianity you are ex-ing, it's religion. The Christianity you are debunking is as far as I can tell man-made and man-altered. The message of God through Jesus Christ said nothing of retributin for AIDS, hating homosexuals, or even the right to be an atheist. God says love your neighbor as yourself; can't love me then you don't love yourself, and if you don't love yourself you don't love God.

Loving the unloveable; that's what self-made Chrsitians can't do because that brings them down to the level of--EVERYONE!!!

By the way, I'm a pastor in Indiana, and I too am a little discouraged with "Man's Christianity"; I serve a living God not a set of man-made rules and opinions. My brother told his friend about my church: "It's not your momma's church of God!" Keep on keepin' on--raise up the name of the Lord!!!

Denny Gibbons
denny at occog dot com

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