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Hi guys!

This isn't gonna be a testimony, cause I think I might give taht one to you later. But thanks for this website. It sure helps people to re-consider and get stuff straight. I just wanted to tell you about one situation I had with my christian friend.

Shortly after I was a born-again christian I asked my friend:

If god made every creature on earth the way it is supposed to be did the lions eat other animals then?

She: No, they were all getting along and not eating each other. They only did that after the world had fallen.

I: But then the world would have got overpopulated after only a short while. HOw would that have worked?

She: God i so great he would have figured that out. Don't you believe he is great enogh to solve that problem.

That was a moment when I really thought: Wow, it's gonna be hard to think that way.

All I say is that the arguments of chritians are sometimes really lame. Of course they sometimes have good arguments but well...very rarely I came to discover in the past months.


PS.: If theory and reality don't fit together...then reality must be wrong. ;)


Anonymous said...

So I guess the lions were grass eaters.

Anonymous said...

Yes, God equipped lions with 6 inch incisors so they could chew grass. "ARRrrr!!!" LOL!.....::eyeroll::

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...seems to me thats an aweful lot like GW's thinking! Wonder why? ROFL

Anonymous said...

Man got to the top of the food chain, by developing a large brain, and we do a pretty good job of reproducing, but...........

Termites do it much better than we do. They have managed to populate every place on earth to the point that the estimated weight of all of them is about 4 times the weight of all other animals on earth, and they don't pollute anything. Their societies are beautifully efficient. Is it possible that humans have run their course, and are about ready to exterminate themselves?

God wants reproduction. Our whole existence is designed around it and geared for it, but other species do it better than us.

Anonymous said...

Well Dano, things that make you wanna go HMMMMMMM! lol. That was pretty good.

About the extermination thing, I am almost convinced you are on to something. I don't know if you were kidding or not, but if this religious superstition does not stop somewhere in our society, it is quite possible that the jesus freaks will somehow exterminate us by something I call self fulfilled prophecy. Scary stuff hugh???

Anonymous said...

Dano: "...Termites do it much better than we do."

The Earth has apparently been taken over - 'conquered' if you will - by a master race. It's difficult to tell from this vantage point whether they will consume the helpless Earthmen or merely enslave them. One thing is for certain: there is no stopping them; the ants will soon be here. And I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords. I'd like to remind them as a trusted TV personality, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground sugar caves.

Anonymous said...

Cowabunga man!........and of course,........DOH!!
Ya'll forgot the cockroaches will be the only survivers of,...

Anonymous said...

I agree that what she said was really lame, but you cannot blame the mysteries of God to the lack of human understanding. Of course you CAN, but that does not make your argument anything more than lame generalization.

You are right, if theory and reality don't fit together...then reality must be wrong. My reality to me is FAITH and cannot be fully explained by theories humans want to tack on. But your theories, big bang, evolution or otherwise, are they complete facts that has been repeatedly tested? Christianity is not a theory, but faith, a lifestyle i choose to live because I BELIEVE in my heart of hearts that someone greater than I control my life and those things and people around me. And if your "theories" are true and God was just a figment of my imagination, what did I lose in this life?

Maybe I am wrong, but I do not claim to know everthing. The difference is that as I live my daily life to the best of my ability and belief, I am ok that my life is sustained by a bigger mystery. You, on the other hand, feel comfort in knowing everything and figuring out the truth. What exactly is your truth? That God is a null, a creation of human minds? Negation of one does not equate a reality of another.

PS - You thought you were born again, but you were not. It is common. Had you been born again, you would ask the question (it is God given characteristic to be curious and want to seek knowldge), but you would not have condemn God's mystery as lies because of human weakness in explaining but would have rather sought the answer. Also, being a strong believer in seeking the truths and facts (as you obviously seem to claim) shouldn't you have sought out other answers to your question than to rest upon one person's (and obviously not an expert) idea? Although we cannot fully comprehend God's truth, there are people who konw more than others because they studied it. I would think you would get this. Wouldn't you go to the expert evolution theoriest to find out the details of this science? Why not go to the expert theists to find the answer to your very valid questions. Then, i think your statement "All I say is that the arguments of chritians are sometimes really lame" would hold more weight.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,
like I said. It was just an incident. One out of many incidents. Of course I cannot say I know everything but you know I feel way more comfortable with a belief I can rely on. Why do you think I wasn't a born again? I had my experiences, too, but I chose not to only look at facts from one side because that is just not how I am. Sure, many ways exist to explain the earth with god and hey, maybe there is a god, but you could also explain that the earth was made out of a flower in the beginning. You will always find an explanation for anything. Now one must figure out what he truly can belief and what goes against ones nature. If you are happy as a christian there is so nothing wrong with it, but why would I remain christian if I feel so uncomfortable with it? And why is that anyway? Why didn't god give me the total faith when I asked for it? Does he choose? If there is god I am sure I will find him. But I know I cannot just believe in stuff and not being able to question and research sometimes without fearing I might find out other stuff that don't suit my faith. I am still looking for truth in my life but haven't found the ultimate yet. Thank you for your comment though.

Anonymous said...

Faith = Pretend If you do not have enough faith, then you're not pretending enough.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,
What you don't understand is god was created by MAN to explain the unexplainable

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