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Sunday, January 29, 2006                                                                                       View Comments

Just an incident

Hi guys!

This isn't gonna be a testimony, cause I think I might give taht one to you later. But thanks for this website. It sure helps people to re-consider and get stuff straight. I just wanted to tell you about one situation I had with my christian friend.

Shortly after I was a born-again christian I asked my friend:

If god made every creature on earth the way it is supposed to be did the lions eat other animals then?

She: No, they were all getting along and not eating each other. They only did that after the world had fallen.

I: But then the world would have got overpopulated after only a short while. HOw would that have worked?

She: God i so great he would have figured that out. Don't you believe he is great enogh to solve that problem.

That was a moment when I really thought: Wow, it's gonna be hard to think that way.

All I say is that the arguments of chritians are sometimes really lame. Of course they sometimes have good arguments but well...very rarely I came to discover in the past months.


PS.: If theory and reality don't fit together...then reality must be wrong. ;)