A few words of caution

A letter from William

While I am 100% behind your endeavours to bring common sense and enlightenment to the religious masses, I would just like to add a few words of caution:

Either in your Audio, your Video, or your written text take every care not to come accross as arrogant, self assured and demeaning:

In fact you may be well advised to take on an old Christian principle and be "HUMBLE" as you march forward into the light of reason leaving behind the religious zealots, biggots and hypocrites struggling in your wake:

It is possible to be humble and proud if you get the mixture right:

Stir Carefully:



A letter to Marc

Dear Marc,

Your recent manic postings on this site have been quite entertaining. Thank you for making the site more popular and more interesting by demonstrating so wonderfully well how religious delusion can severely cripple and hobble the rational ability of a person's mind.

Marc, you said this:
I post for these people dear WM. I have told you before that I will not stop shouting to the world about the reality of God. Unless you remove this site from the Internet, or force people to become members of this site, I will continue to post.

Marc, you are quite insane. There are literally thousands and thousands of Catholic websites out there spreading your message. Do you really think this one little website is more powerful than the combined influence of thousands and thousands of Catholic websites, the prayers of all the saints, and your magical godlett?

You really need help. You actually believe your god needs YOU to help defend the world against one little ole' website?


You, Marc, are hilarious.

Again. Thanks for the entertainment!


Discrimination, irrational fear, or ?

From Brother Jeff

I don't even know where to start, but I'm very upset. I lost an excellent doctor (physician's assistant PA-C) and someone I considered a friend today.

I have been seeing (name omitted) for a long time and was established with her, but until my recent major bipolar issues, the issue of religion never really came up. I'm seeing a social worker there too (name omitted), and I've been totally honest with her. It's a long story, but the issue of religion came up of course because it's still such a large part of my life, and I told her (the social worker) about my site. She looked at it and wasn't that bothered by it. But, the physician's assistant saw it too, and she became afraid that I would go out and do something like Columbine, and she won't see me anymore. I've been moved to another doctor. I like her fine, but I'm pissed that my physician's assistant would think something that terrible of me simply because I'm an atheist and I run an atheist, anti-Christian website.

I'm just amazed and appalled and deeply saddened by this whole thing. Being
discriminated against and to have people think terrible things about you because of your beliefs (or the lack thereof) never feels good. I feel like a second-class citizen now at that clinic, so I will be looking for medical care elsewhere. I don't expect finding another doctor to be easy since I am on Medicare.

What my doctor did was not just totally unethical, it was very judgmental and wrong and hurtful. I can't believe that in today's world Atheism is equated with violence and horrific acts like the Columbine school shooting. And I can't believe that (name omitted) could think something like that of me after knowing me for as long as she has.

It's just really, really sad.

I can't seem to free myself

From Philip

I'm still hanging onto this emotionally and physically destructive death-cult by a mere thread. I'm wondering how to finally get rid of the pain and guilt and fear forever.

Has anyone else been in such a position where 1) They know it's ludicrous, 2) They know it's based on hearsay and "visions" of desert hermits, but 3) They couldn't quite step over the line and end it once and for all?

I go through the motions, prayer and thanks for food all the time, but I don't want to. It's become so ingrained in my habits and psyche that I can't seem to bring myself to free myself.

It also doesn't help that Christians do apparently have "all the answers," even though I know their "answers" are merely appeals to ignorance or emotion. I've come to the point where even IF the Bible was true, I wouldn't want to worship such a god. But I still do it!?

Suggestions? Comments on habitually praying to and giving thanks to a god you don't believe in, and hate the very idea of?

Will I ever be free of religion bondage?

Last May, I wrote my testimony... since then, I really wanted to get away from "JC" and Christianity. Problem is, my wife, her mother and most of her family are persons of faith. See the issue?

Also, we have a 16-month old daughter, and my wife is expecting another baby. So there's also the kid issue: how to raise kids when parents do not share the same "beliefs". Heck, I don't even know if there is a God!!! Am I a Deist? an Agnostic? an Atheist who doesn't realize it?!?

Imagine what I can feel when we say "Grace" for her meals or when I attend church with my dear ones... Let's say it is really unpleasant.

I am in deep sh.. right now. I am so f....d.

Any advice?

"Religion. It's given people hope in a world torn apart by religion."

- Jon Stewart

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