Religious Tattoos (don't ever get them)

by J.D. Killarney

I began collecting tattoos when I was sixteen. It would have been sooner, but in Virginia one must be at least sixteen with parental permission. I was raised a Christian, and from the ages of about 16-18 I was very Jesus-centric.

During that time I got several tattoos reflecting as much, including: a cross, a lion of Judah, a very pretty and detailed portrait of Jesus on the side of my neck, and last but not least, 'Jesus Saves' on the back of my hands.

That was over two years ago and in that time I have used my intellect and rationality to face facts and dismiss the bible as a fallacy. I am now an Atheist.

Unfortunately, my tattoos don't know that. I still have elderly cashiers noticing my hands and smiling warmly say things like 'well God bless you' or 'can't nobody complain about THOSE tattoos!'

The moral of the story is: listen to your Grandma, your religious views really may change some day. And having visible tattoos really DOES decrease your opportunities of employment.

If anyone has any advice on secular cover-ups, I'd love to hear them.

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