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From Jackie:

I have been an ex-Christian for about a year now. I work with a guy who desperately wishes I would "come back to the fold".

Too bad... I won't.

I overheard him and another gentleman talking about the evidence for Christianity and authors like Tim LaHaye and CS Lewis, who used to be atheists. They mentioned the book by Josh McDowell, "Evidence that Demands a Verdict". I have not read this book yet. I was wondering if anyone here has and if you could tell me how ridiculous it is. I'm still learning to be tactful. Sometimes, just coming back with the "no evidence" argument isn't enough when they think they have all they need.

I would love to debate you all

A letter from Kyle M

I only do this because this is the only place a care to post. God forgive you all in the end of days i pitty you all. Remember, no matter what God will forgive you for your transgressions against his holy name. I know that without God I would have killed myself by now and you need to wake up to the world you live in if any of you would like to debate me I would love to talk to you.

Thank you.

What church do you attend? Or are you Atheist or Agnostic?

Sent in by Eris Discordia

What I find interesting and a little disturbing is the fact that so many people feel it is necessary to pry into my personal belief system! When I finally broke free of the bonds of my prison religion I was made to feel uncomfortable by old friends and relatives, and even people I meet in the coffee shop who insisted on quizzing me as to how I spend my Sunday mornings! "What church are you going to now?" "What happened?" "Why don't you attend church any longer?" "How can you survive without a church family to give you strength in the Lard?" Blah blah blah blah..............

When I reply that I no longer attend church the barrage of questions ensue. The inquisition gets under way! At this point I am afraid that I have been less than tactful and lashed out inappropriately. However, looking back on it, it still angers me that my Christian friends and family are so nosy about my personal beliefs. It has been several years now and I still don't handle these questions very well. In the past I have lied to get people off my back and other times I have told them that it is none of their business. Sometimes I tell them that I am involved with a Satanic cult just to fuck with them! It ll depends on my mood.

I must interject here that I live in the Baaable Belt of the U.S. of A. Jebus Land, Indiana. Where you get told to have a blessed day EVERY fWHERE you go! You can't even get a cup of coffee without having a fucking blessed day! Where they have SIGNS posted in the local Mc Donalds commanding you to "Have a Blessed Day". I am NOT kidding!

Now I get the Atheist vs. Agnostic question a lot. It's as if they are trying to find out if my soul is salvageable!

"Well, do you believe in GAWD?" 'Even if you don't believe in Jeeeeesus as your personal Savior, you MUST believe in GAWD!"

My resentment of people questioning my personal beliefs coupled with the fact that I have no more respect for the sheeple and their fairy tales has caused me to be less than compassionate toward them! I keep thinking, Maybe I need to talk with Miss Manners! But then I think, Maybe THEY should be talking to Miss Manners and learning to mind their own Gawddamn business!

However, after handling many of these nosy inquiries I still feel like I need to find a pat answer to shut them down without creating a scene or starting world war III. As much as I would love to tell these people to go away, take their fairy tales and leave me alone I want to take the high road and learn to be a nicer person.

Any suggestions?

Q: What do you call a pastor who impregnates his brother's wife? A: Earl

Sent in by Jan from deep within the buckle of the Bible Belt

I'm a member of your ex-christians group and this is a newslink to my old church that is in the news here in Atlanta again. I was a member of Earl Paulk's Cathedral of the Holy Spirit for over 13 years. I left there in 1992 after Earl's Brother Don had an affair with one of my roommates and dear friends. The whole time I had been there I had heard rumors about the Paulks being sexually depraved, but I never believed the rumors... I mean, after all, they were my pastors, right? Good people... They'd never hurt me. Uh-huh.

In 2005 I started an online support group for people who have left CHHC and we work constantly to keep the stories of Earl Paulk, Donnie Earl Paulk, Don Paulk, and the whole hillbilly gang in the public eye, both here in Georgia and everywhere else.

This most recent scandal is outlined here on pt. 1 and pt. 2 of this FOX-5 I-Team report. The paulks are being sued by a bunch of different folks, and some of the depositions occurred in their attorney's offices in Cobb Co., Georgia. There Earl said he'd never been with anyone but his wife and the woman who is currently suing him. Turns out, he was lying (surprise!). After DNA tests were completed, it turns out that Earl is the biological father of the man raised as his nephew, the current pastor of the church, who was conceived with the minister of music, Earl's brother Don's wife. (Hear strains of the theme from deliverance playing in the background?) So... his nephew is really his son.

The Cobb Co. DA takes a dim view of being lied to under oath and hopefully there will be arrests made in this story soon. Here's hoping justice prevails.

There are 1,000s of people who left that church over the years and none of us will ever be the same. We totally trusted the Paulks and did whatever they asked us to, even to our own detriment. Yes, it was and is a cult. I'm very happy to be gone from there.

Thanks for all you do to help out those of us who are working through our own beliefs, or nonbeliefs, as the case may be. I'm an atheist and very happy about it, but in my online support group I deal with people who are still trying to have a faith in God and they are just a mess.

Thanks again,

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