A thought about Epicurus' riddle...

Isn't there another possibility about the nature of God that involves the idea of freedom? If you give people freedom they will not always choose good. If you force them to choose good they are no better than puppets. God is not a puppet-master micro-controlling everything, nor is he a Randall Terry who'd like to instantly strike down every evil-doer.

Theoretically speaking, if there is a God who is all-knowing, all-powerful, all-good etc. he's not going to be a narrow-minded hand-wringer nor a vicious dictator. Just because some people believe stupid things about God, History, the Bible, Evolution, etc., (and they certainly do!) doesn't mean that God fits into their narrow concepts.



how do you explain ....?

So you say humankind is natural and scientific in base but how do you explain the fact that science cannot explain the big ten yet:

1) Creation of life from chemical elements.

2) Scientists still can not explain how organisms can change from self reproducing to sexually reproducing organisms.

3) Scientists still cannot fully explain how one set of DNA can transform into a brand NEW set of healthy DNA.

4) That evolution is based in organisms growing complex, yet growing complexity doesn't necessarily cause an "evolution" of intelligence. Why did rational mother nature waste all the time/space on the human brain?

5) Our classification of evolution is based on a sparse amount of found bones yet we can only surmise our knowledge of completeness out of the incomplete antique species we can dig out of the ground.

6) Meteors containing life that supposedly struck the earth does nothing to explain the origin of life.

7) Carbon dating is still an ESTIMATE.

8) You say precedence deconstructs Christianity, like, Jews existed before Christians therefore who is right(?), but there were also sciences before our modern sciences so how do we know the scientific method will be correct at ANY point in time?

9) The more you gear torwards purpose (science) the more you get away from the common good. -Kant

10) Your site says: believe in nothing and you will fear nothing, hope in nothing and you hope nothing, kill god and god will die. So just Faith in Faithlessnes will fix us right up huh? That sounds like religion to me!

And here is a questions for you:

If ousting god from your life has given you so much peace then how come you can't "let it be?"

P.S. What's with the nude guy on your site?

A Black Jewish Man

this website is sick

Dear Webmaster,

I think this website is sick. I am a preacher and I am praying against this and other sites of evil darkness and ask that they are shut down. This site needs to be closed. Open your eyes read Matthew 24 can't you see the truth? The end is near Recieve the Lord again. I am sure your life will be changed.

James Adams


Thank you for your web site. I agree totally, raised in a Mormon controlling family full of greed and lies. Thank you for the truth.

Religion has caused 99.9% of all the wars death and misery that exist in the world today. The competition for souls, "join my church", "give to this church", "take away from your own family to help god", etc. It is similar to the taxation of government. to govern, a form of slavery to tax, to take away. Other then proper leadership of calibur. (to help grow) of the people by the leadership, not by the people for the government to grow. appropriation of money to the people. for education,for live style choices.not only to the rich or those who have access to it. we have gotten away from our constitution, and municipal religious government has past laws rcw's to put those in jail for drugs and other {moral laws} against the wishes or vote of the people. a burden on which the people should have never been put under. I could go on for pages and pages of the wrongs that exist in this incorporated {undergo and church } county of Grant .in the state of Washington. {brain washington of people} thank you

I, John Phillip Cunningham ,do charge religion with working against the people -Treason.

John Cunningham
royal city wa.

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