I will be praying that Satan will leave you

Dear WebMaster,

I really and truly hope that u publish my testimony i sent, u guaranteed it....

It was just a testimony about how much God has done for me in my life and what he is doing.

I would like to know how someone could come up with something so corruptive, a site that encouages non-christians, Satan has really worked in your heart my friend I will be praying for you that maybe one day this will be called Christian.net and maybe it will be the best christian website made, giving glory and honor to our Lord and God.

all i see is a one sided argument on the subject of being an ex-christian I see an encouragement about becoming an ex-christian and being one, and reasons to become one... And I say...good job...satan...for corrupting many many minds and for corrupting someone enough to create this sickening website. I will pray for you, and I will pray for you all, every one that who has typed hateful words to our GOD to our LORD and Savior and to our King of Kings.

I will pray for God to have mercy on all of you and that someway he will bring you back to the light. I have just recently been saved this past Saturday (7-23-2005) I lived for years (since i was nine) thinking that i was truly saved untill this past week I went to a Christian camp in Florida and it opened up my eyes to the truth about myself, that i wasn't truly saved

I will be praying that Satan will leave you alone and let the word of God come into your heart and influence your life.

P.S. There is no such thing as an Exchristian because if u really and trully had christianity in the first place you would have never "given" it up. In fact you wouldn't want to give it up because it puts so much joy and happiness and just a wonderful sensation in your life, sure bad things will happen but it is part of God's plan for your life to use it for something or somehow.

Sincerly In God's Name, William


by Mitch

Since leaving Christianity about 12 years ago it has blown my mind how many so called believers know little 2 nothing about the book which is supposed 2 be the "blueprint" of their faith.

I recently had a discussion with a woman who i was about 2 date when the question came up about whether or not i believed in God. I told her i was neutral on a higher power but definitely not the one in the bible or anything else in it. She became shocked and started calling me a heathen. Lol, the whole thing got crazy as i told her exactly why i didn't believe it and named specific stories, acts by God, contradictions, and flaws. She didn't know what the hell i was talking about. How pathetic is that?

So many people like her I've met who constantly spout on and on about "the word of God" and have never even read what it says. Sure they know all the big stories like Jesus, Moses, Noah, the ones they make movies about. But when i bring up Gideon's sheepskin, Elisha's floating hammer head, bears eating children, or Saul's séance they haven't a clue. It's almost laughable when i mention stories about a woman eating her own child and they don't believe it. Then when i show it 2 them they start making up excuses 4 it. I find that many of these wanna be Christians are lazy and just prefer 2 have their scripture spoon fed 2 them one verse at a time by their pastors on Sundays.

It's just like some die hard patriot going on and on about how much they support the U.S. Constitution but when asked about one or more particular articles in it they respond with "huh?" I think it's a damn shame when someone who doesn't even believe in that crap knows it inside and out better than the ones who do. Tell me what's wrong with this picture?

I guess they're all just letting the spirit guide them, or God will reveal what they need 2 know in his own time. Whatever typical Christian cliché that covers it. Well I've vented enough thanx WM 4 the vine.....peace!


What if I am right and you were wrong

Did you know that evolutions's Proofs are rapidly vanishing? The more we learn, the more it points to God the creatior of the universe.

You say you don't in God, but what if there is a God and you have to stand before him some day. What if I am right and you were wrong. What if there is a real hell?

What if I were to burn you house down with you in it, would you try to excape or stand there like an itiot? I am sure you would try to excapt. Hell is real so why do you not want to excape it.

The bible says that we are ever learning, but never come to the knowledge of the truth. Are you so smart you can't see the truth. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.


I think what you need

Wow. I just read your article on becoming an Ex-Chrisitan. I was really surprised by the ways you categorized them. It sounds to me like, perhaps, you had a really bad experiece w/ people who called themselves Christians, but obviously were not? Christianity is not about hate or exclusiveness. It's not a disease. Christ is not a crutch. True Christians do not believe the devil is a red man w/ horns. Also, those responsible for horrific crimes of hate are not acting in accordance with Christian principles.

I think what you need to understand is just because someone calls themselves a Christian, it does not mean they are. I hope you someday meet a true Christian. You would see that a "true Christian" and a "so-called Christian" are two totally different things. Best regards.

My Testimony

I did not read all on your web site. I am not writing this to you to judge you. I am still a christian. I just try my best to live the best I can as a christian. I love all of Gods people. This includes you. I have been severly hurt and crushed by people in the church. I know that I am not perfect, but why do they believe that they can be so religious and hurt others and with their words can totally crush someone.

People in this world are hurting. We as christians should reach out to them not turn away. You may not read this and I am truly sorry for the hurt that someone or lots of others may have hurt you. I truly try.

I know what it is like to be put down told I am no good and no one cared.

I can share a testimony with you that you may not believe and you have a right to your belief. God not people, turned my life around. My daughter was very sick for 19 years. My lord has given her a healing. All I have been praying for all these years he answered. I could not understand why all those yrs. It is in his timing not ours. People in the church can be more cruel than the ones that are not in church.

I just want you to know one thing. There may be one or several of you writing this website but I must tell you one thing. God loves you and so do I. If no one else ever tells you this remember I did and mean it

Take care

God bless



Jesus Freak

you are a angel of darkness and are making fun of god he will not tolerate it for long


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