What if everyone stopped believing in god?

Sent in by Geoff

As I'm sitting here at 1:06 a.m. in the morning, something occurred to me: What if everyone stopped believing in gods?

No, really. What if everyone everywhere just gave up Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, etc., etc. Would a god still exist?

If it's as Christians say, and everyone really knows deep down that God exists, then regardless of whether or not anyone believes or disbelieves in God, HIS existence should still be obvious to everyone, right?

But it's not obvious to everyone, so religionists evangelize and evangelize and evangelize and evangelize...

Christians, when pushing their dogma, always point to nature as proof for a creator. But does beauty in nature really show anything except for the fact that nature is beautiful? How many people can honestly say with a straight face that when they look at a beautiful flower they think to themselves, "This must have been made by the Judeo-Christian god, who in the beginning made two people and a snake, but ironically the snake HE put there compelled the women to eat a piece of magic fruit, which plunged everyone into eternal depravity and separation from God, and the only way out of this is situation is to telepathically accept his human son into my heart, the son that HE had to sacrifice on a stick in order to find it in HIS heart to forgive us."

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that without people constantly proclaiming a god's existence, would God cease to exist?

It's obvious to me that GOD is a phony story of epic proportions. If there were no god believers, there would be no god. End of story.


You have no true understanding of God, Jesus or the Holy Sprite

From Janice S

I came across your Website by accident, read your comments. My heart goes out to you. You have no true understanding of God, Jesus or the Holy Sprite.

I was amazed that you would ask for a donation in an attempt to prove your case. In asking Christains for a donation, to support your anit-God beliefs, you are asking Christains to further the work that Satan is doing thru you. (You can not sever two masters, either hate the one and love the other or love the one and hate the other)

Also in your sad attempt to get money to support your views, you are suggesting to us the same arguement that Satan purposed to Jesus in the widlerness. Jesus's reply as is my own (Thou shalt not temp the Lord they God.)

We do not have to prove anything to you or anyone else, we know in our hearts that we are saved by the shed blood of Jesus and that the Sprite of God is living and dwelling in us. It is a long and painful process but daily we are being renewed. And yes, we make mistakes and yes there have been Leader's and Pastor who have made mistakes, that is why Paul said to be on guard always and to not cease from praying. These are the last days, and there are many false prophets in the world claiming to be of God, but aren't. But he who is born of the Sprite is able to recongize what is of God and what is not.

You obvisiously are not. Oh, and just because I felt compelled to response to your claims does not mean that I want to recieve any other communication's with you. I say this in love, for we are told to speak the truth in love.

You were never a Christian

I happened upon your website, it made me sad to see the Ex-Christians and all of your stories..

How can people give up on God?

There will come a day when you will see that the Lord Jesus Christ is the one and only way.

I can't understand the point where anyone would say ok I am not a Christian anymore.. then you probably were never one.

The Lord says in His holy word that it is better for you to have never know me than to known me and to walk away or turn your bcak on Him.

I pray that you and your members will return to His way before its too late.


Abominations that are causing desolation

From Gary T

To all "ex", "Non" christians, and all others reading this who feel they are disapointed or confused by the amount of ignorance, lies, perversion and confusion that is rapidly overtaking much of the Christian world today - I understand much of your heartaches, and I'm a Christian. I have'nt been going to a "church" religiously for many years now. We are at a time where we are experiencing "abominations that are causing desolation" due to the enemy within, and its growing strength. The strength of evil forces expanding throughout the world as more an more people fall prey to the temptations of an ever growing babylonian lifestyle, which intern causes lies, deciet, subversion and satanic influence within so - called church leaders, and the congregation. There is also much debate over the truth of the scripture, and there are many people who have many diferent views, all must be taken with a grain of salt and thouroughly examined and studied in a theological and historical text before making decisions on any claims. However, because of my self education, self respect, and respect for the devine man Jesus an his sacrifice, and a belief in God due to common sense, I remain a Christian in faith. Just as you urge people to investigate the downfall of the denomonations and the transgressions of weak willed Christian practicioners, I urge you to remember what caused you to decide to believe in the first place, to keep your open mind and heart open to hope. And I will pray for each andevery one of you, to find your personal peace at the end of your searches and your battles. Amen

I wasted good satire

Sent in by Bryan B

Why is it that fundamentalists have to have a complete lack of sense of humor? Why is it so hard for them to detect shades of sarcasm, or hints of mockery? I guess the reason I'm asking is because I sent a satirical letter to Answers in Genesis, and it went like this:

"Dear Creationists, I, like you, am offended at the exclusive teachings of evolution in public schools. I feel it is important for students to critically consider both sides (creation and evolution), not to be brainwashed by one side.

As a member of the native Kiowa Apache tribe, I take pride in our creation story, which never changes, no matter what other men say. I still believe the world was formed by a creator mixing the sweat of 4 different gods, and a tarantula pulling cords to make the earth its present size. Secular scientists say there is no proof of this, but unbiased Kiowa Apache scientists have found just the opposite!

Also, our sacred teachings predicted that many people would find this story foolish, and surprise, surprise! They were right, which helps prove our theory. Please, how can we get society to look at evidence for both sides, (Kiowa origins and evolution), not just pure secular propaganda?"

Here is the reply they sent me (and yes I realize it's probably an automated response):

"Dear Bryan,

Thank you for contacting Answers in Genesis.

In order for people to truly consider creation as well as evolution, they need to have open minds and unfortunately, most do not.

If you have never read the Bible, I would encourage you to do so, also with an open mind. It was written over a period of approximately 2,000 years and yet without error. Only an omnipotent God could orchestrate that."

I also got a code enabling me to receive 10% off my next AiG purchase.

Either my comment went right over the editor's head, or they refuse to acknowledge any discussion to the effect that their backward-ass theories might be wrong. I mean Jesus, does battling every advancement in every scientific field mean you can't have any fun?

Anyway, I thought readers might appreciate this.

How do you handle grief?

From Jannah B

I've been thinking about Christianity and the crutch it is since my leaving it.

Recently, a friend was set alight and attacked with a screwdriver (by a complete stranger... can you believe it?) and they did not know if she would survive. In all honesty I prayed out to anything, just by the off chance she would be okay, or that it may help. I knew whilst saying it, that i was talking to thin air. But, it assisted me to cope with the grief and the anxiety of not knowing.

The question I have is, how has everyone coped in their grief since leaving behind the lies of Christianity? I have chosen to allow myself to feel out of control and know that there is no cosmic force aligning itself with my prayers.

But, I still feel the need to pray in those times of grief, anxiety or even when i just need a little help with something...

What do you do? How do you cope? How do you address stress?

Is it okay to cry to the God that doesn't exist? Is it okay to pray? Or am I merely covering grief and stress with a crutch like I did with Christianity?

Is it okay to cry out to a god you don't believe in? Or are you merely covering your crutch with another?

sidebar: Crutch implies for those that may not be aware (I dont know if this is Australian slang or international) a crutcher or something that holds you up when you feel you cant carry yourself.

from www.dictionary.com No. 3 being the one i am discussing

crutch /krʌtʃ/ Pronunciation Key - –noun

1. a staff or support to assist a lame or infirm person in walking, now usually with a crosspiece at one end to fit under the armpit.

2. any of various devices resembling this in shape or use.

3. anything that serves as a temporary and often inappropriate support, supplement, or substitute; prop: He uses liquor as a psychological crutch.

4. a forked support or part.

5. the crotch of the human body.

6. Also, crotch. Nautical.

a. a forked support for a boom or spar when not in use.

b. a forked support for an oar on the sides or stern of a rowboat.

c. a horizontal knee reinforcing the stern frames of a wooden vessel.

7. a forked device on the left side of a sidesaddle, consisting of two hooks, one of which is open at the bottom and serves to clamp the left knee and the other of which is open at the top and serves to support the right knee.

–verb (used with object)

8. to support on crutches; prop; sustain.

Where to from here with our grief?

Questioning my assumptions

From Chris A

Since commencing a reevaluation of my beliefs earlier this fall, I've become consumed with doubts, and I was hoping that perhaps some of the former Christians here could give my troubling questions an answer. I would have gone straight to your excellent forums with this, but something seems to have gone wrong with the sign-in process...

As I recall, this ordeal started when, while attempting to improve my debating technique, I decided that a Socratic analysis of my deepest convictions and why I held them might help me reach a better understanding of the art of argument.

This was a mistake, albeit an enlightening one; after some analysis, I had stumbled onto an important aspect of the relationship between the position of atheism, and the position of Fundamentalist Christianity.

As I see it, any atheist position will rest on two or three assumptions, the most common being that human reason is sufficient to determine the validity of any proposition. However, in assuming this, doesn't the atheist thereby admit a prejudice into any argument they might use?

It gets worse, obviously. Once I'd called the reason into question in the name of complete impartiality... Well, you can imagine the nightmares, I'm sure. With no way to reliably measure the likelihood of Christianity's claims, my infrequent thoughts of "What if it is true?" have become full-blown all-consuming fears that threaten to drive me from my comfortable lifestyle and straight to the nearest mourner's bench. My work is suffering, I've made absolutely no progress with my therapist in weeks, and I'd probably be suicidal if I wasn't so afraid of being tortured forever. How many of you have had experiences this terrible? How did you deal with it?

...Thank you for your time.

To any ex-Christians in New York

From Diane

I'm a freelance writer based out of New York, and I'm looking for a religion story.

Could you direct me to any Ex Christians here that would be willing to talk to me?

What are the major issues in terms of Ex-Christians that are being underreported by the media?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

dianabritton AT gmail DOT com

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