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Thursday, October 25, 2007                                                                                       View Comments

You have no true understanding of God, Jesus or the Holy Sprite

From Janice S

I came across your Website by accident, read your comments. My heart goes out to you. You have no true understanding of God, Jesus or the Holy Sprite.

I was amazed that you would ask for a donation in an attempt to prove your case. In asking Christains for a donation, to support your anit-God beliefs, you are asking Christains to further the work that Satan is doing thru you. (You can not sever two masters, either hate the one and love the other or love the one and hate the other)

Also in your sad attempt to get money to support your views, you are suggesting to us the same arguement that Satan purposed to Jesus in the widlerness. Jesus's reply as is my own (Thou shalt not temp the Lord they God.)

We do not have to prove anything to you or anyone else, we know in our hearts that we are saved by the shed blood of Jesus and that the Sprite of God is living and dwelling in us. It is a long and painful process but daily we are being renewed. And yes, we make mistakes and yes there have been Leader's and Pastor who have made mistakes, that is why Paul said to be on guard always and to not cease from praying. These are the last days, and there are many false prophets in the world claiming to be of God, but aren't. But he who is born of the Sprite is able to recongize what is of God and what is not.

You obvisiously are not. Oh, and just because I felt compelled to response to your claims does not mean that I want to recieve any other communication's with you. I say this in love, for we are told to speak the truth in love.