Thanks for encouraging me to become an atheist

Sent in by Chris

This message goes out to all the asshole Christians who regurgitate the same nonsense bullshit on this site over and over. I can't read any more of your shit. It's repulsive to me, as a new Ex-Christian, because I didn't used to think that Christians could be so rude. This especially goes for the ones who say they are doing it in love. No you're not, you self-righteous pricks! You're doing it to earn brownie points with your bloodthirsty god, or to feel better about yourselves because you've done something productive by "saving" someone else.

Don't bother replying to this message for my sake, because I won't bother wasting any more time reading your comments. I'll come on to this site only to read the front page articles from now on. You've lost your chance to show me the respect and love that you believe Jesus taught. Prior to my de-conversion I was much more of a Christian than any of you are. You make me sick with your disrespect.

Aside from this site's new articles, I'll spend the time I had wasted reading your comments on browsing even more atheist sites and reading other atheist material. I am interested in learning all the scientific theories and facts that the church has discouraged me from reading for so long. Perhaps I'll come back here to read the comments after my mind has been filled with truth and wiped clear of the nonsense you spew.

So I'd like to say thank you to all the inconsiderate, rude, self-righteous and stupid Christians who post to this site. Thank you. You've encouraged me to stop wasting my time reading your crap and grow in my knowledge of atheism and science instead.

Your fellow man,


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