Okay - I have NO idea!

My dear brother in Jessus Christ, With this ocasion of Jessus Christ I said to your family with : 1 Corinteni 15.20 „But now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the firstfruits of them that slept and 1 Corinteni 5.7 For even Christ our passover is sacrificed for us, The Lord Jessus bless you all the time with the happy for Ps 41.1-3 Blessed is he that considereth the poor: the LORD will deliver him in time of trouble.2 The LORD will preserve him, and keep him alive; and he shall be blessed upon the earth: and thou wilt not deliver him unto the will of his enemies. 3 The LORD will strengthen him upon the bed of languishing: thou wilt make all his bed in his sickness. I am a brother in Christ. My name is Nica Adrian .I have nine little children [The bigger is school –bag(18 years old) and the younger is 3 years old]. My message sent you is real, I say the truth in Christ, I lie not ,my family have great need of help the Lord Jesus given per your, because I must to pay the rates which are at present of 260 $ approximately and I now J has big debt. approximately 35 $, my wife on credit buy food..I.please very much if you want and you vex help my family flax manner point-blank . My address is: Nica Adrian, street Marasesti, nr.288, Bloc:163F, Ap:3, Ploiesti, Jud.: Prahova, Romania, Europe. Telephone number: 0244/557361 ,email adriannica2001@yahoo.co.uk, because I am in a very difficult situation because I have nine children to can pay the taxes for my flat I beg you in the move of I Christ if you want and if Jesus put on your heart to give me a help for the aprox. 260 $ because where J work that surveyor and my salary where is 3900000 lei(prox .90 $ /month) and J can’t pay these money and not be judge in the law and give out from my house with nine children. We live in a flat( 4 rooms-on the ground floor and the price of the rates is approximately 40-50 $ summer/month and approximately 130 $ winter/month). It is very hard to pay the rates which are at present of 260 $ approximately. J wrote this things hoping that you can that you help us my poor family, to make us a joy from my J have 6 children in the school.Now J has big debt. Approximately 35 $ my wife on credit buy food..J beg you to give me a help for the aprox. 260 $ and J can’t pay these money and not be judge in the law and give out from my house with nine children J asked for you this help please. I must have payment 4 taxes per 4 month(nov., dec. 2003+ jan. feb. 2004) at my flat since prox.(8479380 lei/32250lei=one dolar)=260 $, and I have big need by the help payment this taxes in continuance.,the major need for my family are payment liabilities and the the food and I have big need by the help payment this taxes My message is real, I say the truth in Christ, I lie not, therefore I please very much in Name of Jesus Christ, you want, The LORD put in your heart ,you put one good word that is write in Geneza 40.14 But think on me when it shall be well with thee, and shew kindness, I pray thee, unto me, and make mention of me unto … your pastor,your church, if they want,can,a collection for my family that I can pay this liabilities, beyond whereby is write in 1 Corinteni 16.1-2 Now concerning the collection for the saints, as I have given order to the churches of Galatia, even so do ye..Upon the first day of the week let every one of you lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him, that there be no gatherings when I come., if you are poor in order that my family,I want not abuse for you,I am obliged,thankful for all you make for my family , J am sorry J write to you but J desire you to give me a good announce. Proverbe 25.25 As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. At we, in Romania if I pay not this sustenances consecutive ( the cost input of : water cold and the water warm, the fart, the energy electric and the energy thermal, the heat in my flat(4 rooms) where I live Consecutive, pursuant to the laws in force, The executive make summons and I payment not I am call The magistrate, to take out(to elicit) my house to bidder and The magistrate to evacuate my family since my house I am in a danger situation and if I pay not this sustenances are possible to close water( cold and the warm )supply, to close filling he energy electric and the energy thermal, to close(vulg.)fart etc. I please very much, in the Name of Jesus Christ, if you want, you can, you not vex,Thr Lord Jesss put your heart to help my family with little help/monthly in manner point-blank or in manner indirect you put one word good for my family at who want help my family)., My message sent you is real, I say the truth in Christ, I lie not my family have great need of help the Lord Jesus given per your God make you an arrow for win for me and my family.J thank you for understanding. I write in idea than them prayers make we and The Lord Jesus per we than is write in :”Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of thy hand to do it.”Prov.3.27, “For I delivered the afficted that cried”Job 29.12, “distributing to the necessities of the saints.” Rom.12.13,but let us not lose heart in doing good; for in due time,if we do not faint,we shall reap. So then, aswe have occasion, let us do good towards all, and specially towards those of the household of faith. Gal.6.9-10, from it love for Jesus. But I beseech you ,brethren,,bear the word of exhortation Hebrews 13.22 I please very much you want,you would found the sponsor for my family and if you can give a joy for my 9 childrens of the Easter day. The Lord to help at this problem.I heaven forgiveness if I angry with you per this letter. Thank you for understanding. The Lord bless your family all the time . With all my love, Nica Adrian The lord Jesus help you you that you are that Iosif one man vestal Mat 1.19: Then Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not willing to make her a publick example, was minded to put her away privilyAnd Prov 11.13 A talebearer revealeth secrets: but he that is of a faithful spirit concealeth the matter,andI please very much that you consider at me beggar. I and my wife are sick, we need the money for treatment, remedy;medicament; for treatment teeth etc. my email adriannica2001@yahoo.co.uk

our addictions were killing us separately

Hello. I have been reading the material on this site now for about a week. And I think it's fascinating. You sir, know your stuff, as far as I can tell. You have obviously searched high and low. And somehow... until a few years ago, I was married to a fundamentalist Christian. And at the time I myself was an active drug addict, so you can imagine the fireworks that sometimes went off in our house.

I had lived in England for eight years and had had much difficulty with heroin while living there. I did what many addicts do, what's called a "geographical,” and moved back to America. I tried to straighten up and fly right. I stopped using, I got a real job (I’m a musician), and I got married. She was the prettiest girl I’d ever seen. She was obviously troubled by a lot of things, but then again, so was I.

She wasn't Christian then. We were dating and sleeping together. One day I went to work, and by the time I came home, she had gotten a bible out, and prayed to Jesus to come into her heart (I’m sure you know the drill), and become saved. She was constantly going on about it. And she wouldn't sleep with me anymore unless and until we got married. I didn't like the Christian thing one bit.

It seemed fearful and punitive. It just couldn't be right. But she was immovable. And I loved her. And I couldn't see any reason not to marry the woman I loved just because she loved Jesus. I married her. The story of our relationship is long and kind of ugly. But let's just say that there were a lot of disagreements. Along the way, I got saved too, because I wanted to do right by her, and she and her friends were VERY persuasive, and I had started to be harassed by thoughts that regardless of MY reservations, THEY might be right.

For a while, I found some relief from myself. But nothing really changed. I had no spirituality really, and no tools for living. And I was still just as damaged and unhappy as I had ever been. Maybe more so. I certainly found nothing but a lot of unhealthy hypocrisy and dysfunction in the churches I went to. I really needed and wanted some meaning in my life.

But after a sustained attempt to believe, I still felt like all the Christians I knew were just a bit simple minded and fooling themselves, to be blunt. Then one day I met a dealer. A drug dealer that is. I got high, and once again, I was "fixed." It got bad quickly. My wife was praying and witnessing to me, but I could tell that her friends thought I was just a filthy drug addict. And she began to feel that way too. I felt that she was delusional. And that religion wasn't helping her or me; it was making us more unhappy.

I know it wasn't ONLY my drug addiction, because she was unhappy BEFORE that. Basically, our addictions were killing us separately. But mine was much, much faster. And I was DOING SOMETHING ABOUT MINE. Everyone at church loves a good, pretty Christian girl and NO ONE loves a junkie. But I was checking into rehabs, and going to AA meetings and really trying. She didn't find any of that necessary. And she had a support system for her pathology.

I was on my own. One night, after a relapse, I went to her and said that I really wanted to find a way to make our relationship work. I asked her what we could do. I was at my wit's end. Out of ideas. And quite honestly, I needed for us to connect, person to person, love each other as humans, and find a solution together. I had never been more vulnerable in my life. She turned to me, and with a look of absolute rage, she said, "what the fuck do you care?" And that was it. I threw her out.

And the day she left, I embarked on the scariest drug journey that I had ever taken. There was no wife, no job, and no hope. I was shooting heroin and cocaine every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for five months. In the end I was skinny, shot out, bloody, dirty, sweaty and crazy. DYING. In my madness I found myself staring at a ringing phone, unable to answer it, because I was convinced that it was Jesus calling to rebuke me. Then, I overdosed. For the LAST time.

I was found in my car, in a parking lot, and taken to the hospital, where I was revived. And I took a look at what I had become. A pathetic loser. And I realized that I would have to take action, real action, to turn my life around, and keep it going that way. And that NOTHING FROM OUTSIDE ME WOULD EVER EVER SOLVE MY PROBLEM WITH ME. That was almost five years ago.

And I must say that I am NOT an atheist. Nor do I subscribe to any religion. But through action-- I have discovered that there IS some force or some kind of intelligence that somehow helps me. It is much much too elusive to describe, and it wants nothing from me, other than to ask it for help, and to help others in small ways. In my view, you are doing the same.

I guess I find what one might call god in the "somehow.” "My life was a catastrophe and then somehow..." it surely is a mystery. And NO preacher, imam, rabbi, guru, or whatever, could ever give it to me. I’m still on my own in that regard. And I wouldn't have it any other way. COURAGE TO FACE MY OWN FLAWED SELF WITHOUT TAKING THE EASY WAY OUT.

I still speak to my ex-wife occasionally. She’s drinking, dating pathological assholes, and trying to find her way. She’s modified her beliefs, but she's still a Christian. She’s got Jesus, and I’ve got my "somehow." The difference is, that I am comfortable in my own skin. She’s not. It’s kind of sad. Thanks for reading me.

thingmail at aol.com

(THING™ the most mesmerizing rock group on this planet.) Sorry, I HAD to plug the band, part of the new me.

The Bible says...

I want you to know that no matter how much you've spoken out against God and his word, he loves you more than you'll ever be able to comprehend.

The Bible says you were fearfully and wonderfully made, and that neither angel nor demon can separate you from the love of God.

Please understand that the church has rarely gotten things right, man has rarely ever reflected the glory of God, but Jesus will never, ever, lead you astray.

If you're so confident in your disbelief, then I issue you a challenge: ask God to reveal himself to you if he's real. If you're right, then nothing happens, and you have nothing to worry about.

Some of the most powerful men of God in the Bible were those that fell the hardest at first.

I promise you that a life lived for the Lord is far more fulfilling and wonderful than any junk this world will ever offer you.

Just look at how the world is falling apart at the very seams.

The Lord never changes, and his love for you never fails. There's never any shame in coming to him for forgiveness, and he'll wait for you throughout all of your days.

Take it from an Ex-Agnostic.

Brandon emodolphins@yahoo.com

What's Your Label?

Is your label Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hebrew, Baptist, lawyer, Indian chief, catholic, preacher, priest, pope, drunk, etc, pick one or make one up. All labels are self-claimed. When you come out of your mothers womb there's not any sticker or label or stamp on your body to label you, Just because your mother claims to be Jewish, or Muslim, or whatever does not mean that you're this famous claim that you have taken on yourself.

I claim to be a human citizen of the planet earth. I have no label as a person that was put here by no cause of my own. We were all born not because of some God having planned each of us for millions of years, as religious bigots will have you to believe. We (all of us) were put here simply because your father in the heat of passion and lust for your mother, could not, or would not abstain from inseminating your mother. It's as simple as that.

All labels and titles are self claimed only, there are no credentials. We have learned, that by being prejudice gives us a right to hate other people, that also had no say as to being born on this planet. This behavior is learned, it's not natural, we learn this early on in our childhood from our parents, from our schools, from our churches.

prejudice is hatred for others not like us and we are all prejudice and until the people of this planet understand this we will continue to kill others in the name of a God.

If there is a God I'm sure God would be mighty ashamed of how people
use religion and self-claimed labels to hate and manipulate masses of ignorant humans.

Larry Jones

An Ex-Christian is non-existent


Is God truly the answer? Yes. God created us, brought us here, and allows us to crucify him all over again every time we hurt him.

This site gives me pain. It hurts to see non-Christians, but it truly pains me to see people who have turned from the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

An Ex-Christian is non-existent. Once you have invited Christ into your life, He will "not leave you or forsake you."

You are going to Heaven. However, if you have the audacity or bitterness to leave, I believe that you were never a Christian in the first place.

If you truly were saved by the grace of God, then you would realize that learning of His mercy and grace, and being with Him forever was so addictive that you would never get enough.

I can only pray that you will be changed by this message.

-Chris, God Follower

Romans 1:16
I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.



I just want to tell you what a blessing it is to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

I see so hate on this website. There are Hypocrites in all walks of life. That does not make truth a hypocrite. I was angry at God. I wanted to know the truth of things. So I had a open mind about Christianity.

It is so historcally accurate. If somebody wants to correspond with me, I could go in detail. Our on selves blind us from the truth because it requries a effort of faith. Let
me just say this chaos is opposite of perfect organazition.

Well may you search for truth with a open mind and May His grace bless you.

Matt Mosteller

Tired of the Myth

There is no talking snake. The earth is not 6000 years old. Angels are not keeping us safe. No one can be good enough to be Christ like. Even Peter lied about know God when the Romans came for him.

Non Christians should not try to imposed their ideas on Christian as Christians feel threatened. The only thing they can say id God loves you and get saved or go to HELL. I can't pretend to Christian. I don't like to be around superstitious people; I don't even have a rabbit's foot.

Some Christians in their own time will face reality but most most need the drug. They can be high on God and still get a job and drive a car so it may be better than crack. I don't want to change them the more people who think they will be tormented by a loving God are potentially dangerous and I don't want to piss of that crowd of loons.

John Evers
jevers at triad.rr.com

Became a Christian: 12 or so
Ceased being a Christian: 50
Labels before: Baptist /Lutheran Was ordain but gave up on the idea
Labels now: Deist in doubt
Why I joined: Fear of hell and death. Mostly pure ignorance, 112 id ignorant enough
Why I left: I did years of research and found religion is a neurological diorger based on mythology

The Man from Neverwas

When you can't honestly say you've been part of something, it becomes a lot easier to leave it behind.

I had always been part of a family that, by all accounts, you could call "Chrisitan". My grandmother was probably the most religious of us all, at least for as long as I could remember. My own life had been what those so inclined could call a "miracle": I was three months premature, asthamtic, and would probably have died without a little luck... or a lot. Thus, the idea was firmly implanted in everyone's head: I must have been a miracle, end of story.

All through my life, I had been the type who questioned things. Among them, I wondered why a supposedly benevolent god would let bad things happen to those who didn't deserve it, while the horrible people of the world wallowed in ill-gotten wealth, power, and control. It's really hard to pinpoint where the change began, since I'm sure I started to question it somewhere around 12 or 13.

When 9/11 came, I saw what I feared most: religion, something I wasn't particularly fond of overall, taken to an extreme that caused people to be hurt. That was about the time that I officially renounced my faith, although I didn't really have much of anything to renounce.

It all would be going fine, if not for the fact that my mother had a breakdown last year and started to attend a fundamentalist church, with which I have serious conflicts of interest. Because of the beliefs they've instilled in her, I'm afraid to even declare my own opinion.

I see religion, and especially Christianity, as a bomb painted to look like a flower - it looks harmless, unless you know about what lies under the surface. Justifying, and legislating, hate through duress, as the neo-conservatives here do, is something that was never supposed to happen. But, until the day that we apostates are not seen as "Godless heathens" trying to "destroy religion and take God out of the country", we will always be the second-class citizens that nobody in power will stand up for.

Vulgaris Prime


Jesus isn't just some belief we put faith into. He was real, and in the flesh. You, never accepting him or learning from the Bible who he was, doesn't mean you once did accept Him.

In order to be an ex at anything, you must first have accepted Him and ALL His Glory. So you read one or two stories and tried to compare it to your life or whatever. Have you seen the PASSION yet? Or is it to much to bear that you won't go see it.

The movie came at the perfect time!!! With gay marriages happening in our country, this movie is a wake up call for all humanity. Even the fake believers who now claim they are ex Christians. You never believed in the first place.

I see all these pawned off ideas on here and it reminds of Liberals and Utopianism. And we all know what quacks they are. Man uses only 10% of their brain, and in this websites case, we'll say 2%,(and that is stretching it).

Well, if God just couldn't make it any easier for you, he allowed the movie "The PASSION", which is PURE TRUTH, not idealogical theories of crap you display on your washed up website. YOU NEVER BELIEVED TO BEGIN WITH, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN ex-CHRISTIAN.

City: Houston
State: Tx
Country: USA
Became a Christian: old enough to realize man is blind
Ceased being a Christian: Ceased what?? I love the Lord thy God
Labels before: Don't need labels or churches, I have Jesus.
Labels now: Oh you people pride yourself in labels. I label you blind.
Why I joined: The Bible's awesome power of TRUTH led me.
Why I left: I didn't you 10 % usagers of brains.


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