What's Your Label?

Is your label Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hebrew, Baptist, lawyer, Indian chief, catholic, preacher, priest, pope, drunk, etc, pick one or make one up. All labels are self-claimed. When you come out of your mothers womb there's not any sticker or label or stamp on your body to label you, Just because your mother claims to be Jewish, or Muslim, or whatever does not mean that you're this famous claim that you have taken on yourself.

I claim to be a human citizen of the planet earth. I have no label as a person that was put here by no cause of my own. We were all born not because of some God having planned each of us for millions of years, as religious bigots will have you to believe. We (all of us) were put here simply because your father in the heat of passion and lust for your mother, could not, or would not abstain from inseminating your mother. It's as simple as that.

All labels and titles are self claimed only, there are no credentials. We have learned, that by being prejudice gives us a right to hate other people, that also had no say as to being born on this planet. This behavior is learned, it's not natural, we learn this early on in our childhood from our parents, from our schools, from our churches.

prejudice is hatred for others not like us and we are all prejudice and until the people of this planet understand this we will continue to kill others in the name of a God.

If there is a God I'm sure God would be mighty ashamed of how people
use religion and self-claimed labels to hate and manipulate masses of ignorant humans.

Larry Jones

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