Tired of the Myth

There is no talking snake. The earth is not 6000 years old. Angels are not keeping us safe. No one can be good enough to be Christ like. Even Peter lied about know God when the Romans came for him.

Non Christians should not try to imposed their ideas on Christian as Christians feel threatened. The only thing they can say id God loves you and get saved or go to HELL. I can't pretend to Christian. I don't like to be around superstitious people; I don't even have a rabbit's foot.

Some Christians in their own time will face reality but most most need the drug. They can be high on God and still get a job and drive a car so it may be better than crack. I don't want to change them the more people who think they will be tormented by a loving God are potentially dangerous and I don't want to piss of that crowd of loons.

John Evers
jevers at triad.rr.com

Became a Christian: 12 or so
Ceased being a Christian: 50
Labels before: Baptist /Lutheran Was ordain but gave up on the idea
Labels now: Deist in doubt
Why I joined: Fear of hell and death. Mostly pure ignorance, 112 id ignorant enough
Why I left: I did years of research and found religion is a neurological diorger based on mythology

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