The rebirth of Israel in 1948

I am hoping that you can give me some sort of rebuttal concerning the so-called fulfillment of Biblical prophecies, particularly the one involving the rebirth of Israel in 1948. I have been presenting various information to a friend of mine to illustrate that the Bible is full of errors and a very shady history as far as how it was constructed.

This particular friend keeps harping on the fact that the rebirth of Israel was predicted in Ezekiel 37 & 38. He also constantly reiterates the fact that the much-hyped "Mark of the Beast" scenario was not ever possible until the generation that we are currently living in (computer technology, lasers, Digital Angel tracking, etc.)

What would be your reply to such a person?

This site has been a huge help to me

Sent in by Harry

Hey everybody. This is my latest posting here on this site. I have written quite a few times before and at various points in time have had differing opinions.

Despite having gone to church for years, and bible college, I have come to the conclusion (yet again) that I am not comfortable with religious doctrines/heaven and hell/salvation/etc.

I'm not really sure whether I am an Agnostic or an Atheist. While I don't believe in a personal god that answers prayer and is in control of the universe, etc., I do have an appreciation for the beauty of life and nature. I understand why people believe the things they do about their respective religions: Faith is comforting (for the adherent).

At this point in time, I am having mixed emotions at the prospect of not believing in the religious God(s) I have come to know over the years. I feel more free and clear-minded than I have ever felt before... yet at the same time, I feel nervous.

This site has been a huge help to me over the years, and it helps to know that others know what I am going through right now. Thanks to all of you, and keep me in your >>thoughts>>.

Sincerely, Harry

Help me! Please!

Sent in by Mike Brown

help me please, I am a christian, I'll admit it. I know such a confession on a site like this is like painting a target on yourself but here goes. I've been accused of "soliciting" trying to "convert" you name it I've gotten it in the last two day. I'm sure some of you are annoyed with me and have me shoved into the same old box of "just here to try out the latest evangelism techniques. That's just not so... See I'm in semonary working towards my MDiv. We've been talking about some pretty difficult stuff for the church. Things like how to deal with the post modern world, how our faith can withstand the changes in the world, how are we to adjust our lives and message to an evolving context. These things are hard for us because the paradigm of the world is shifting. As believers we have to figgure out what shifts and what does not, what remains constant and what does not. It's not easy trying to figgure this out. It's actually quite difficult.

Ok, now why I'm here.... I was curious how others were handeling this shift in paradigms, you know from modernism to post modernism. I was curious how athiests (and I know not all of you are athiest but the responses I have received fit a modernist mindset pretty easily) were handeling this transition and what they were saying to each other and how this new world is affecting things.

What I have discovered is actually quite shocking to me. Not only can I not find anyone to discuss post modernism and it's implications but I can't even find anyone who will accept that we live in a post modern world. I mean I've gotten a hold of people who think that there really is a truth and that empiricism has access to it. It's amazing to me, honestly.

I know I'm a christian. I know therefore anything I say is suspect, but there is a much bigger world out there. Pure hard core athiest are becomming rarer and rarer I won't say we are becoming more christian but spirituality is something that is growing.

How are you modernists (and there are quite a few) handeling the transition from a world that believes truth exists to the post modern world where truth is contextually developed? This shift has implications for science, empiricism, technology, faith, reason, and Truth.

There I've said it, I've been trying to work my way into it and allow the topic to develop naturally but that's hit a brick wall. It seems to me that my biggest mistake here was to ask it from a Christian perspective. I didn't expect such a stiff arm to the topic just because I am a believer.

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God is real

Sent in by Anna

Dear Dave:

I could have written the anti-testimony you posted myself. The similarities are eerie. The questions I asked however resulted in a physical beating or two (once when I was pregnant, killing the baby), but very similar. It was made painfully clear to me that denomination.. had a place for me. Believe me, I gave it a good go> My husband and I were even pastors for a short while. I graduated from Christian school. Had a full time ministry, etc etc ...

Anyway, Christianity is a cult!! No thinking man can reconcile the inconsistencies and outright lies. But, that is not God's fault. In fact I am sure it makes Him mad too. I will not detail in angry lamenting all the reasons why I know no doubt hear that ad nauseum. Instead I offer this...

It is only with the courage to UNlearn that I learned anything worthwhile.

Like you, I walked the path of complete disconnect for a while. Not in as high tech a fashion as you have found,however. I allowed my mind (and wounded soul) to rest from the intensity of the search. After awhile however there are still things you know are true in your soul. The questions do not go away just because you have not found the answers.

Atheism is just another word for quitting. It is the path of the disenchanted who refuse to heal.

When you have the strength, and when you tire of the company of the enraged, you will resume your journey.

One piece of Truth I can share with you is....God is not in a box. There are those who say..God is in THIS not believe it. Those who say He is in a box (ie..a doctrine, a book, ...have an agenda)

I have renounced Christianity. The Trinity, the word "Jesus", the 'sinners prayer', the books of Paul, etc etc ..and I now call myself a Jew, tho no orthodox Jew would agree.

God will show you the promised land...He will even open the ocean if He has to. When you tire of the company of the enraged, and you will...

you will resume your quest.

You will not find your answers in any books about religion. If you could you surely would have found them already. Instead...write your own book, the answers will find you.

In love and understanding...


A parting story, one of hundreds that I could tell you...

I had been in an accident and I totalled my car. I had amnesia, broke up with my boyfriend, lost my job...and found out I was pregnant. (that about sets the stage)..I was a "committed bible believing Christian" and I needed some REAL answers and some real assistance. My parents (christians) threw me out for being a fornicator..same with my church. It was me and God and I needed REAL tangible help. I held my Bible up to Heaven and I screamed...if this book is true then it is true for me too, and if it is not- then you are a liar and who wants to serve you anyway?? Then I threw it down on the ground. It fell in such a way that it lay open on the floor. Through my tears I saw this verse...

If you abide in me and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what you will and it will be done for you. John 15:7

I promised to keep my part and demanded God keep His part. Then I asked for a car so I could get to work.

That night at a restaurant I worked at that I could walk to, I told my friend, the barkeep, what I did. She was not a religious girl. She said..I am not trying to make fun of you, but how do you expect God to give you a car. Is he just going to come in here and give you the keys?? I said...that is not my is HIS.

The next day when I came into work, my friend, white as a ghost, told me there was someone there to see me. Turns out it was a guy who had seen me walking to work. He was buying a new car and wanted to give away his old one and wondered if I needed one. He gave me the keys, no charge, no strings. (a big white gorgeous Lincoln continental with working A/C..important in N.C.)

Coincidence?? I could consider that. But..I could tell you huindreds of stories just like this one and some of them defy physics.

God is real.

When you are done healing, get up and press on.

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You don't have a soul...

Sent in by Stephen G

You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body. Your sickness will never change the fact that there is not a man or woman in Hell right this moment that does not know Christ Jesus! Please Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! Only the Grace and Mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ has allowed your life to be spared from an eternity in Hell. Give it up brother, but then your pride in all your foolish opinions won't let you , will it? Sounds like someone else I have read about. Your god. Satan. he loves you so much, he wants to take you to Hell with him. That, my friend' makes you a LOSER, because he is the greatest LOSER of all time. Thank God your mother was PROLIFE! Get ready and don't be surprised, your life is going to change. You will never admit it when it does, but you still won't be able to fool yourself. When it does though, do me a favor, let me know. I won't tell anybody. I promise.

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It is impossible to be an ex-Christian

Sent in by Dominique A

i've looked at this website and have found that so many of are not necessarily looking for the Truth, but are more bent on proving that the Truth isn't. When Jesus the Christ was speaking to people who questioned Him (Pharisee and "ordinary" folk alike), He knew what was in their hearts. He understood those who came to Him looking for Him (the Truth) and He also understood those who came looking to make a point of their own; those who came to prove Jesus wrong and show their own intellectual/emotional/spiritual fortitude or ability.

As for the writer's comment that his Bible teacher told him that we are not supposed to know everything there is to know about GOD, I say "Right on!" We are not supposed to know everything. I wish, for the life of me, that I fully understood this issue of "pre-destination" or "non-pre-destination", but I do not. Does that mean that I should reject Jesus? Does that mean that, because I don't understand it, GOD has it out for mankind? Since GOD made us and understands how our sinful minds work, since He is love, why in the world would He purposefully include something in the Word that would cause us to turn away?

We seem to take the things that we don't understand about GOD, rationalize them and come out with our own meaning of things, which leads to a rejection of Jesus the Christ. We kinda like the fact that GOD would send His Son to die for us b/c He loves us. That idea makes sense to us and makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. The idea that GOD gives grace to the humble but cuts off the proud is good for us, b/c it appeals to our sense of justice. And the fact that Jesus heals makes sense to us. But GOD sending people hell? GOD foreknowing and predestinating people who would choose Him? Rom.8:28-30 Oh, forget it! That's it! Reject and insult Jesus (ie: the art gallery photos on this website)!

Christianity in and of itself asks us to come to GOD like a child. Jesus said it first. If we come to GOD, full of our own understanding and ready and willing to fit Him into our own little box, how can He teach us? If we are already full of ourselves and our own understanding, how can GOD fill us up? It is impossible! Matt.18:1-5

What I also do not understand is the term you use "ex-Christian". How can you be an ex-Christian? I can understand how you can be an ex-churchgoer, an ex-Bible-reader, or an ex-praying person. But it is impossible to be an ex-Christian/believer. Jesus said that those who decide to leave the flock or turn their backs on the flock (such as yourselves) were actually never part OF the flock ("among" us, but never "with" us). Just b/c you went to church or "prayed the prayer" without ever believing in your heart that Jesus is the Christ, doesn't make you a Christian. It's almost like saying that standing in a garage makes you a car! However, it is interesting to know that Jesus is still on the lookout to save those who were never of His flock. John 10:14-18 And those of you members of this website who are still part of the flock, please listen when you hear Him call.

GOD made it clear in His Word that His way of doing things is far different and far better than our way of doing things. Isaiah 55:1-11

We would have GOD one way. The problem is, is that He is not. Jeremiah 2:11-13

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