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It is impossible to be an ex-Christian

Sent in by Dominique A

i've looked at this website and have found that so many of are not necessarily looking for the Truth, but are more bent on proving that the Truth isn't. When Jesus the Christ was speaking to people who questioned Him (Pharisee and "ordinary" folk alike), He knew what was in their hearts. He understood those who came to Him looking for Him (the Truth) and He also understood those who came looking to make a point of their own; those who came to prove Jesus wrong and show their own intellectual/emotional/spiritual fortitude or ability.

As for the writer's comment that his Bible teacher told him that we are not supposed to know everything there is to know about GOD, I say "Right on!" We are not supposed to know everything. I wish, for the life of me, that I fully understood this issue of "pre-destination" or "non-pre-destination", but I do not. Does that mean that I should reject Jesus? Does that mean that, because I don't understand it, GOD has it out for mankind? Since GOD made us and understands how our sinful minds work, since He is love, why in the world would He purposefully include something in the Word that would cause us to turn away?

We seem to take the things that we don't understand about GOD, rationalize them and come out with our own meaning of things, which leads to a rejection of Jesus the Christ. We kinda like the fact that GOD would send His Son to die for us b/c He loves us. That idea makes sense to us and makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. The idea that GOD gives grace to the humble but cuts off the proud is good for us, b/c it appeals to our sense of justice. And the fact that Jesus heals makes sense to us. But GOD sending people hell? GOD foreknowing and predestinating people who would choose Him? Rom.8:28-30 Oh, forget it! That's it! Reject and insult Jesus (ie: the art gallery photos on this website)!

Christianity in and of itself asks us to come to GOD like a child. Jesus said it first. If we come to GOD, full of our own understanding and ready and willing to fit Him into our own little box, how can He teach us? If we are already full of ourselves and our own understanding, how can GOD fill us up? It is impossible! Matt.18:1-5

What I also do not understand is the term you use "ex-Christian". How can you be an ex-Christian? I can understand how you can be an ex-churchgoer, an ex-Bible-reader, or an ex-praying person. But it is impossible to be an ex-Christian/believer. Jesus said that those who decide to leave the flock or turn their backs on the flock (such as yourselves) were actually never part OF the flock ("among" us, but never "with" us). Just b/c you went to church or "prayed the prayer" without ever believing in your heart that Jesus is the Christ, doesn't make you a Christian. It's almost like saying that standing in a garage makes you a car! However, it is interesting to know that Jesus is still on the lookout to save those who were never of His flock. John 10:14-18 And those of you members of this website who are still part of the flock, please listen when you hear Him call.

GOD made it clear in His Word that His way of doing things is far different and far better than our way of doing things. Isaiah 55:1-11

We would have GOD one way. The problem is, is that He is not. Jeremiah 2:11-13

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