stop spreading Satan's lies

Dear webmaster:

I urge you to stop spreading Satan's lies to the world. Look around you and see what's happening in the news: it's the Books of Daniel and Revelation coming true before our very eyes! You have no idea what you are doing to yourself and others by perpetuating this junk on your website. You are very lost and the time to get yourself right with your Creator is getting shorter by the day.

all that have left Christinanity were never truely born again

After reading several stories from here, I have concluded that all that have left Christinanity, were never truely born again anyway. Eighty to ninety precent of the professions for Christ are false professions.

Many here don't believe in hell, but if I stood in the middle of the road and didn't believe in trucks, I would still get hit by a truck. So what I believe or not believe in does not change the reality of it. If you put a gun to my head and I laugh at you and tell you I don't believe in bullets.

What if there were a slight chance of hell, would you really want to take that chance? If I offered you 10 Million dollars for both of your eyes, would you take it? Why would you put so much value on you eyes which are the windows of the soul, but place no value on the soul itself? For what shall it gain you if you gain the whole world, but loose your own soul?

When I was 18, I had only been in church about 3 time my whole 18 year life. I grew up on a farm and one day while putting up hay I heard about a revival at a small country church. I asked my parents if we could go and they said we could if we finished the work. We finished the work and went that night. After the preacher finished preaching, an alter call was given. As I stood there, the Holy Spirit drawed me. I could see with out a savior, I was doomed to hell and all my good works could not save me. Tears ran down my face and I squeezed the back of the pew till my knuckles turned white. I wanted a new life in Christ but I didn't want to give up my old life. I new I was lost without Christ, he paid for my sins. I went forward and accepted Christ as my personal savior. I am not perfect, I am a sinner saved by grace. I do make mistakes, but Jesus is always there to forgive me and help me through. Jesus is real and he lives in my heart.

The only way you can turn from Jesus is you never knew him in the first place. My heart pains for you. I will be praying for you all.



You are one very sad, sorry, unhappy person. I really hope that you find something better to do with your time than making fun of Christians. I laughed my butt of as I read your No True Christians article. That was so incoherent in so many ways, it wasn't even funny. But it was very typical of a person who TRIES to use the Bible against itself, despite the fact that they have a very limited knowledge. Anyone can present crap to a group of people who also don't know what they are talking about. Pardon the pun, but you had better pray that there is no God. Could you imagine if you died, and actually were judged. What would you say? Yikes. And by the way...people aren't perfect, and they do make mistakes, people want to follow God's commandments to a tee, but we fail sometimes because we aren't perfect. We can't be perfect...


PS - Since Jesus' life focused primarily on living for helping other people, and providing compassion...He probably wouldn't care if someone wasn't trying to get us to pay him 10 dollars as part of some lame scheme for money. They didn't have faceless, cowardly, creepy, and strange internet folk back in that day. Peace.

you were NEVER ever a Christian

One thing is for sure, you were NEVER ever a Christian to begin with.

You really need to be saved. This web site doesn't really prove anything, what a waist of time and effort. Maybe you should prey to God with an open heart, I'm sure he will forgive you. You still have time...that's if you're still alive by the time I send this message.

Good luck with that bud.

i know that he loves me

I'm a full time christian,living my life in the paths of the lord.Recently i went to church and lerned how to look at the world with spiritual eyes,how to open my heart to all those around,and you know why because i am walking as a lamb of god with the lords love and peace constantly flowing in my spirit and guiding me to not only accomplish all i was set on earth for but to also grow in the spirit.I was a suicidal soul lost in the world influenced by people and always full of depression and hate in my heart beacause of demons that attacked me and trick me........because they do not offer love and peacefulness in life........i attempted to commit suicide,and i realized then how beautiful life truly was,it was a death experience i will never forget because i realized who was my friend,who made me feel good,and who gave me that father loving friendship i always searched for......this was jesus.....ever since ,i died in the flesh and i began to breth once again in the i live a life full of excitement full of joy full of MEANING and you know why beca use at the end i will be eternally with the lord and i know that he loves me forever and ever.

The Virus God Experiment

Imagine for a moment that man was created by Virus God for one purpose. That man was created in order to be host to viruses.

Without human hosts viruses would die. Man even got a brain, consciousness, awareness and so on in order to facilitate human interaction thereby facilitating the spread and survival of viruses.

Man reproduces itself by means of rather intimate personal relations in order that viruses can find new hosts, new food sources. Even new tiny man/things which are of course good hosts for viruses, not possessing such a great deal of protection against them.

Virus God even created a lesser Man God so that man could feel somehow special in the universe, and can even feel boastful enough that THEY were created in God's image and are the highest form of life. This also greatly reduced the possibility that host man would ever even imagine that they were merely created for the sole purpose of viruses.

The Man God, at the will of Virus God commands those under him to go forth and multiply even includes sanctions against loving others of the same sex because it doesnt create new virus hosts.

No need to worry about heaven or hell my dears. Once youre dead, there will be other man hosts so that viruses will always be provided for. Virus God will never leave them nor forsake them.

Maybe, maybe not....just playing anyway. HA!


Kill Your God

I came across your site and I just wanted to say bravo! I too have a story of once being a christian for 16 years and after listening to a performance of classical music, I realized there was more spirit in the notes, than I ever felt reading the bible, going to church or praying to the actors of that poorly constructed play called christianity.

I felt so strongly in my change that I wrote a diary, collected poems, and eventually, became what one would call a witch; just without the ignorant banter you find in most nature based faiths. My diary became a book, and it has just been published:

I didn't post this on your message board because I didn't want you to think it was a sly attempt at advertising :)

Thank you though for your work. I wish I had seen your site when I was going through the process of my own spiritual cleansing.

In Wisdom,

rev_messe_noir at yahoo dot com

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