all that have left Christinanity were never truely born again

After reading several stories from here, I have concluded that all that have left Christinanity, were never truely born again anyway. Eighty to ninety precent of the professions for Christ are false professions.

Many here don't believe in hell, but if I stood in the middle of the road and didn't believe in trucks, I would still get hit by a truck. So what I believe or not believe in does not change the reality of it. If you put a gun to my head and I laugh at you and tell you I don't believe in bullets.

What if there were a slight chance of hell, would you really want to take that chance? If I offered you 10 Million dollars for both of your eyes, would you take it? Why would you put so much value on you eyes which are the windows of the soul, but place no value on the soul itself? For what shall it gain you if you gain the whole world, but loose your own soul?

When I was 18, I had only been in church about 3 time my whole 18 year life. I grew up on a farm and one day while putting up hay I heard about a revival at a small country church. I asked my parents if we could go and they said we could if we finished the work. We finished the work and went that night. After the preacher finished preaching, an alter call was given. As I stood there, the Holy Spirit drawed me. I could see with out a savior, I was doomed to hell and all my good works could not save me. Tears ran down my face and I squeezed the back of the pew till my knuckles turned white. I wanted a new life in Christ but I didn't want to give up my old life. I new I was lost without Christ, he paid for my sins. I went forward and accepted Christ as my personal savior. I am not perfect, I am a sinner saved by grace. I do make mistakes, but Jesus is always there to forgive me and help me through. Jesus is real and he lives in my heart.

The only way you can turn from Jesus is you never knew him in the first place. My heart pains for you. I will be praying for you all.



Anonymous said...

If you believe you can fly, you'll still die when you throw yourself off a cliff. Sure, disbelieving in something doesn't mean it doesn't exist. But conversely, just believing in something doesn't mean that it does exist. Your argument is pointless.

Anonymous said...

Hey James, My name is Mle and so what is somone does beleive in hell or not, it really dose not matter. Beleive!


Anonymous said...

There is such a thing as true and false conversion,a true repentance of sins is not just emotional it is a choice of acknowledgment of ones state of missing the mark.The word of God is given by inspiration of Gods Holy spirit through men and reveals Gods holiness he is a rightous judge and also he is love,the 10 commandments is given to us to reveal that we have all sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God.He reveals himself through his creation (Romans 1:18-20)Please read.Also read (John ) The whole book.After one realizes their sin they must turn completey away from their former life style,it is not possible to do this without Believing in ones heart and confessing with ones mouth Jesus Christ is truly the son of God who was given to the world to save all who will trust in him.Repent and turn to God.Jesus is the way the truth and the life no one goes to the father except through him (John 14:6)No amount of doing good can give anyone access into heaven.Being born again means (John 3:3)by this scripture Jesus Christ refers to the work of the Holy Spirit in breathing life in our sinfuldead spiritual nature.When we are born again,we become a new person,forgiven of our sins and granted an intimate relationship with God.It means truly a changed mind along with a changed life style.God is waiting for you to allow him to be your father and give eternity in heaven to you today.Today is the day of salvation.My life is a living testomy to all this that I have spoken.It's not religion it's a relationship with the creator of the universe.

Dave Van Allen said...

Anony Parrot! Want a cracker?

I think your post would make a great podcast, if I could take a big enough breath.

I see that there are still not many wise, not many educated, among you.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm gonna hurl! BLaaaght! LOL!

Fundynonomous, your entire post is full of the same ol' Christian sound-bites with which the fundies normally pollute this website. Your entire post amounts to NOTHING more than a description of your own personal experiences with a concept that exists in your head, and NO WHERE else. Your entire post is full of NOTHING but presuppositions....i.e.. "The bible says blah blah blabbity blah." Please, OBJECTIVE evidence ONLY next time.....'k sweet tits?

Anonymous said...

I am only sharing the word of God because I am moved to express real love that does not hurt.I have been attacked many times by people who think they know there is no god.And the words I have typed are from my heart and my real relationship with Jesus Christ.You have ,most likely heard of christians testomies of a changed life,I don't really know if all of you would be truly willing to listen with an open mind and heart about my life and how wonderful God truly is.I suppose one can only understand what it is like when you personally experience a deep touch from God.I am glad that each one of you took the time to read my post,thank you for your time.

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