Kill Your God

I came across your site and I just wanted to say bravo! I too have a story of once being a christian for 16 years and after listening to a performance of classical music, I realized there was more spirit in the notes, than I ever felt reading the bible, going to church or praying to the actors of that poorly constructed play called christianity.

I felt so strongly in my change that I wrote a diary, collected poems, and eventually, became what one would call a witch; just without the ignorant banter you find in most nature based faiths. My diary became a book, and it has just been published:

I didn't post this on your message board because I didn't want you to think it was a sly attempt at advertising :)

Thank you though for your work. I wish I had seen your site when I was going through the process of my own spiritual cleansing.

In Wisdom,

rev_messe_noir at yahoo dot com

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