i know that he loves me

I'm a full time christian,living my life in the paths of the lord.Recently i went to church and lerned how to look at the world with spiritual eyes,how to open my heart to all those around,and you know why because i am walking as a lamb of god with the lords love and peace constantly flowing in my spirit and guiding me to not only accomplish all i was set on earth for but to also grow in the spirit.I was a suicidal soul lost in the world influenced by people and always full of depression and hate in my heart beacause of demons that attacked me and trick me........because they do not offer love and peacefulness in life........i attempted to commit suicide,and i realized then how beautiful life truly was,it was a death experience i will never forget because i realized who was my friend,who made me feel good,and who gave me that father loving friendship i always searched for......this was jesus.....ever since ,i died in the flesh and i began to breth once again in the spirit.....now i live a life full of excitement full of joy full of MEANING and you know why beca use at the end i will be eternally with the lord and i know that he loves me forever and ever.

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