The Virus God Experiment

Imagine for a moment that man was created by Virus God for one purpose. That man was created in order to be host to viruses.

Without human hosts viruses would die. Man even got a brain, consciousness, awareness and so on in order to facilitate human interaction thereby facilitating the spread and survival of viruses.

Man reproduces itself by means of rather intimate personal relations in order that viruses can find new hosts, new food sources. Even new tiny man/things which are of course good hosts for viruses, not possessing such a great deal of protection against them.

Virus God even created a lesser Man God so that man could feel somehow special in the universe, and can even feel boastful enough that THEY were created in God's image and are the highest form of life. This also greatly reduced the possibility that host man would ever even imagine that they were merely created for the sole purpose of viruses.

The Man God, at the will of Virus God commands those under him to go forth and multiply even includes sanctions against loving others of the same sex because it doesnt create new virus hosts.

No need to worry about heaven or hell my dears. Once youre dead, there will be other man hosts so that viruses will always be provided for. Virus God will never leave them nor forsake them.

Maybe, maybe not....just playing anyway. HA!


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