Okay dude.

No true offense, but this is the dumbest, most hypocritical website I have ever seen in my life.

I'm not even a Christian, I am an evolutionist, and I stumbled across this website.

What do you think this site will accomplish? Oh, okay, it offers all the people who didn't like Christianity because they like to "sin" so much to piss all over religion and be big crybabies.

Wether you agree with religion or not, religion has been a foundation for many things in this world and has accomplished many great things for everybody. Such as charity works that feed children, build homes for the homeless, etc.

You guys are pissed that Christians think you are going to hell and they meddle in your lives, mocking you, but then you turn around and do the exact same thing? You guys are no better than fundamentalist Christians who rent stages and preach damnation to homosexuals.

Wanna be a true exChristian? Then drop the subject. Don't dwell on the fact that you didn't make the cut with the church your parents dragged you to. Just because you enjoy homosexuality, abortion, and other "sins" doesn't mean you have to hate Christians.

It's dumb. Truely dumb. I am now dumber for visiting this site. Nice waste of time.

Matthias Scott

Thanks again for your site!


I just happened to get a link to one of your (many) pages and WHOA!! LOVE the site! I am atheist, as is my wife, and I will spend many hours perusing these pages.

I did not come from a Christian background, but rather a secular background. My parents never told me what I should believe, nor did they tell me what THEY believe. My wife came from a Catholic background, but left it before she was a teenager due to critical thinking (what a concept, eh?). Her mother has a hard time with her being atheist, but they agree to disagree and get along fine.

We are both members of the Idaho Atheists as well, and I will definately recommend your site to everyone here. Thank you for your wonderful insight. We are trying desperately to educate the public that within this awesome country you have the right to choose whether or not you go to church or believe in any god or gods. We just wanted to be treated fairly! We're also pointing out that atheism is the last acceptable prejudice, and we that changed.

Thanks again for your site! Good luck!



Sent in by unknown from New Jerusalem

Who ever read this and to the ADminstrator of this web site. Whatever happned to you I have to tell you somethig. Jesus the Son of the Living God He Loves You Still. He is comming soon and every knee WILL bow and every tounge WILL confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. If you are a Ex Christian I know u did not become like this in one day. God still has a plan you. He knows your weekness and faults.Jesus is a Loving,Saving,Caring,Compationate God. NEVER GIVE UP ON HIM


I was born and raised in a Hindu family in India but things changed when I came to the U.S. Another Hindu (a much older person) asked me whether the Hindu God promised to incarnate whenever immense evil took over. I nodded. Then he asked as to why when Hitler killed millions of Jews, he never showed up. That got me to thinking.

Ever since (that is, almost 10 years) I have been thinking more in terms of religion and had hours and hours of discussions with Christians. I will try to post my thoughts whenever possible, but here is one for starters.

I think the very basis of Christianity is wrong - wrong in two important ways. First, it believes in punishing someone else for someone's sins. Second, it rewards someone else for someone's sacrifice.

Proof (of the first point):

Cananite children were killed because their elders committed sins. Every newborn is considered sinful, only because Adam and Eve committed their first sin.

Proof (of the second point):

You commit crimes/sins. Jesus pays (or paid) for it.



Oh my goodnes . . . I'm laughing so hard I can't see straight!

I am/was a good white Christian missionary daughter girl ..! who came to adulthood so utterly screwed up it's a wonder I can function enough to type these words.

Oh dear. Life is so funny. Thank God for this site. I will book- hang on I'm doing it now - mark this site for another time when I have more time to browse around.

I guess it is funny, but it's devestating also, what is done to us humans in the name of religion, in particular Christianity. I'm responding to the fact that sexual violence is the number one crime in the United States now. One doesn't need to look to far, certainly not to a thirty million dollar, forty year, double-blind study, to understand the reasons why. Re-su-oppress the human sexual nature and it will erupt in unhealthy ways.

You folks have said it better than I ever could.

I, too, was deeply estranged from myself by the time I was a teen; my spirit-self was opposed to my body-self. As millions can attest, this is the legacy of our Christian upbringing.

I'm throwing all my weight toward addressing sexual violence, and I've conceptualized an approach to erotica that I believe can begin to heal this profound pathology among us. I have created a website where I put forward my philosophy, if you care to look. It's MegaShift.Net

I've conceptualized what I've termed Transformative EroticaTM. It's what I know to do to try to protect children and women who, primarily, are the object of this violence. It's a kind of self protection, really. I know about this violence. I was raped five years ago by a stranger in Los Angeles when I was 44.

Anyway, what a great site! Thank you for all you do to bring the banished and self-exiled! together. It's what I'm about also. MegaShift LLC is about devising methods to bring the banished in us, our erotic nature, home to the full embrace of life. It's my part to help us along.

Good night. Good night! it's almost two in the morning. I've got to get to bed. Enough of this.

Carolyn Alexander

>Hello Carolyn,
>Interesting concept with the site. I like it.
>With your permission I would like to post your letter in the "Letter to the
>Webmaster" section of http://exchristian.net . If you want your page
>linked, I will do that as well, and please let me know if you want your
>email published or not. Without your permission I will do nothing.
>Have a great day!
>webmaster of http://exchristian.net

Dear Dave,

It’s good to meet you. Thank you so much for responding to me and for looking at my website.

Yes. Please feel free to publish my email. And I’d be very grateful if you would link to my site. Expanding the web of connection between people who care for and about each other is important.

It was meaningfully coincidental that I came across your site last night because I read the article you posted about the view of sexuality theologians have put forward through the years, from the gitgo. It is utterly sick . . . hence, I believe, the sexual violence that claims top spot on our crime list.

I’m beginning to embrace the feminine aspect of the Holy Spirit, and of my own S/self. I know Her simply as Her. I want to know what She is like . . . Have you read The Da Vinci Code? It has to do with your article. This book is sheer genius, in my view. It chronicles the systematic eradication of the divine feminine from the consciousness of Christendom. It is staggering to see. The book has huge implications for a revolution, in my view. It states an irrefutable case, one fact after the other. And it makes the case for Christianity being a man-made religion having nothing to do whatsoever with the life of Life itself. As has been proven yet again in this book, the Mysteries go looking for the artists among us to say what cannot be said. That’s why I position Transformative EroticaTM as an art form. Artists understand the inextricable nature of sense-uality and spirituality, one from the other. I do not come at this through religion. I want to stage sacred sensuality, sacred spirituality, wherever it is found in human culture. The language is art. We’ve all got it.

What I have owned for myself is that the sheep in wolves clothes who run the highly profitable enterprise of Christian religion is that no one can co-opt the Holy Spirit whom I know simply as Life bursting in me. And they are certainly not the keepers of all things God. We are moral free agents, and as such we have the power to define ourselves positively, to interpret our history on our own behalf, and to speak the truth to ourselves on new “tapes” we have the authority to write. And we can play these new messages of hope and joy and compelling vision any time we want to in the inviolable sanctity of our inner self.

Through the many years of spiritual journeying away from evangelicalism to what I think of as the broad place of God, I’ve written essays about insights that came to me. I’ll look for some of them and send them along.

I hope you have a great day, too, Dave. And that the sun is shining for you.

Please be encouraged in your work with this website. It is supremely important! We need a place to rage about what has been done to us. We need a place to articulate what our heart understands about matters of faith. We need a place to laugh at the lunacy of religion, to shine a spotlight on its evil, and to heartache for those of us who didn’t make it. I’m thinking about my youngest brother who didn’t survive the corporal punishment my father unleashed on him –- beating the sin out of him to save his eternal soul -- along with all the messages we kids received about how God hated us. Jim died an early death born of self-destructive things he reached for to try to protect and comfort the boy in him who was killed long before he died. We all know about this. Some of us coming up in it just don’t make it through the nightmare of the Christian religion.

So thank you for what you do to make this website happen.


PS. Post anything you receive from me that you think contributes to the purpose of this website.

I choose to believe God

Man - you make a lot of direct hits on organized Christianity. And most of them well deserved. I can't remember how I stumbled onto your site, but once I got there I said "What the hell, lets hear what this guy has to crow about." As I read on it became apparent that you were not speaking from ignorance or urban legend. You are well read and informed on at least contemporary Western evangelical protestantism which, as you correctly observed, is more than can be said of most people who label themselves as evangelical potestants of whatever ilk.

I agreed with so much of what you said that it scared me at first. Then I realized that much of what you said was QUESTIONS not ANSWERS. I've been questioning all my life like you. Organized religion hates questions and questioners (unless of course they are in the form of a catechism). What I seek as a questioner is answers that are true. But then comes the question "What IS truth?" "On what is it grounded?" Ultimately we have to choose, unless of course we become complete skeptics - which is the ultimate cop-out.

So ultimately I choose to believe God (present tense intended) and not the self annointed people who claim to speak for him or interpret him. That is, after all, the WHOLE point isn't it? If God is who he claims, then why would any rational person entrust his thoughts to ANY OTHER being. (Ever wonder how old Abraham made it all those miles and years without Luther, Calvin, Spurgeon, Sproul, Aquinas or even Plato and Aristotle for that amtter?) If God wants us to look to him alone, why would he want us to trust ANY human being? But this attitude drives church people nuts - mainly because their own understanding is so fragile and ill informed that they can't distinguish between an attack on one of their pet theologians and God himself. Take it from one who knows - I have taught adult Bible classes for years in mainstream protestant churches. Your personal history illustrates this. You have floated from one theological postion to another (often contradictory one) in what appears to be an EARNEST quest for the truth.

You do well in your criticisms of organized christianity and its members. But I wonder if you apply the same standards of consistency and reliability, both internally and over time, to "Thomas Paine, Mark Twain, Dan Barker, Charles Templeton, Austin Mills, James Randi, Richard Dawkins, and a host of others." To be fair in this you need to study them and question them with the same vigor as you did christian theology.

Are they really opening your "mind to reality ... as the myths and gods of my youth are abandoned to be replaced by reason"? Or is the history of just say epistomology alone fraught with so many twists, turns, reversals and contradictions as to make all the theological antinomies you cite seem like kids play. No wonder David Hume ended up drinking himself into a stupor at the pub most every night. And no wonder the apostle Paul cried out "Miserable man that I am. Who will deliver me from this body (does that include a mind) of death?"

For me, I steal a line from the title of a book by Dr. Eli Wallach. The book is "Dead Doctors Don't Lie." It's about the medical establishment's irrational antipathy towards non-pharmaceutical based treatments. My mantra is "Dead Theologians Don't Lie." Nor do dead philosophers, politicians, pundits, Christians and ex-christians either for that matter.

I wish you well. And you sound like a person I would absolutely enjoy conversing with!

Richard Veen

An amazing story

Someone challenged Christians to prove their God was real and that He answers prayer. My God does not need to be humiliated by such human arrogance, but i am still going to pray for the shut down of this site if it is His will it will happen.


I pray that this site that tarnishes Your name can be closed down. I pray that no more evil will come and evade people's lives through what is written here. Please send your Spirit to destroy the evil and cleanse the hurt and anger.


I ask that other Christians who visit this site pray for its closure. Lets show them God's power!


secret supporters

Your website, while it raises serious questions, also has bad info. Much of it has been debunked, old news, history. You nosense and devotion to what is passed as sciens is amusing. (But I guess you also don't mind when science is funded by Ford Foundation or the Rockefeller Fund, or when paleontologists are funded by Royal Dutch Shell). 16 Crucified Saviours? Please! That book is way out. Pagan Catholicism? Also very amusing. I guess you think the Spanish were cruel to the Indians as well, and oh that horrible Inquisition! Your history leaves a lot to be desired, as well as ignore all the atheists who have causes wars as well. I amazed you didn't tout the Arius Piso story. Ah well, you can drink in censored history all you want, but that don't make it true. (Luther was tied to the occultic Rosicrucians- but you knew that). If you think Protestant propaganda is truth, then you really have been deceived. If you really like truth, write back, If not, dabble with you anti-Christian rhetoric all you like, the CFR will love you for it. (I'm sure your familiar with them, they are your secret supporters).



fools you are, whoever submits to this sight. This site is a farce and a total crock. If your a "anti christian" then i got news for you people, you are on the losing side. If you dont believe in "god" anymore, maybe it's because you never gave god the time in the first place and GAVE UP like the rest of the sinful minded people of this world. Giving up is alot easier then following through with somthing and ALL of you have failed horrible and will suffer horribly. If you read this i strongly recomend you repent and change your wicked ways, because you who do not, are fools and will have a horrible life.


tm, no email, no real name submitted.

Became a Christian: 16

Ceased being a Christian: still am

Why I joined: because god showed me

Why I left: i didn't

you were NEVER saved....

Um, lesson one - YOUR ego cannot undue salvation by grace, thus

(1) you were NEVER saved i.e. a Christian at all or

(2) you are still very confused.

HEY, neet-o propaganda site - its pretty funny (-:


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