Thanks again for your site!


I just happened to get a link to one of your (many) pages and WHOA!! LOVE the site! I am atheist, as is my wife, and I will spend many hours perusing these pages.

I did not come from a Christian background, but rather a secular background. My parents never told me what I should believe, nor did they tell me what THEY believe. My wife came from a Catholic background, but left it before she was a teenager due to critical thinking (what a concept, eh?). Her mother has a hard time with her being atheist, but they agree to disagree and get along fine.

We are both members of the Idaho Atheists as well, and I will definately recommend your site to everyone here. Thank you for your wonderful insight. We are trying desperately to educate the public that within this awesome country you have the right to choose whether or not you go to church or believe in any god or gods. We just wanted to be treated fairly! We're also pointing out that atheism is the last acceptable prejudice, and we that changed.

Thanks again for your site! Good luck!


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