Oh my goodnes . . . I'm laughing so hard I can't see straight!

I am/was a good white Christian missionary daughter girl ..! who came to adulthood so utterly screwed up it's a wonder I can function enough to type these words.

Oh dear. Life is so funny. Thank God for this site. I will book- hang on I'm doing it now - mark this site for another time when I have more time to browse around.

I guess it is funny, but it's devestating also, what is done to us humans in the name of religion, in particular Christianity. I'm responding to the fact that sexual violence is the number one crime in the United States now. One doesn't need to look to far, certainly not to a thirty million dollar, forty year, double-blind study, to understand the reasons why. Re-su-oppress the human sexual nature and it will erupt in unhealthy ways.

You folks have said it better than I ever could.

I, too, was deeply estranged from myself by the time I was a teen; my spirit-self was opposed to my body-self. As millions can attest, this is the legacy of our Christian upbringing.

I'm throwing all my weight toward addressing sexual violence, and I've conceptualized an approach to erotica that I believe can begin to heal this profound pathology among us. I have created a website where I put forward my philosophy, if you care to look. It's MegaShift.Net

I've conceptualized what I've termed Transformative EroticaTM. It's what I know to do to try to protect children and women who, primarily, are the object of this violence. It's a kind of self protection, really. I know about this violence. I was raped five years ago by a stranger in Los Angeles when I was 44.

Anyway, what a great site! Thank you for all you do to bring the banished and self-exiled! together. It's what I'm about also. MegaShift LLC is about devising methods to bring the banished in us, our erotic nature, home to the full embrace of life. It's my part to help us along.

Good night. Good night! it's almost two in the morning. I've got to get to bed. Enough of this.

Carolyn Alexander

>Hello Carolyn,
>Interesting concept with the site. I like it.
>With your permission I would like to post your letter in the "Letter to the
>Webmaster" section of . If you want your page
>linked, I will do that as well, and please let me know if you want your
>email published or not. Without your permission I will do nothing.
>Have a great day!
>webmaster of

Dear Dave,

It’s good to meet you. Thank you so much for responding to me and for looking at my website.

Yes. Please feel free to publish my email. And I’d be very grateful if you would link to my site. Expanding the web of connection between people who care for and about each other is important.

It was meaningfully coincidental that I came across your site last night because I read the article you posted about the view of sexuality theologians have put forward through the years, from the gitgo. It is utterly sick . . . hence, I believe, the sexual violence that claims top spot on our crime list.

I’m beginning to embrace the feminine aspect of the Holy Spirit, and of my own S/self. I know Her simply as Her. I want to know what She is like . . . Have you read The Da Vinci Code? It has to do with your article. This book is sheer genius, in my view. It chronicles the systematic eradication of the divine feminine from the consciousness of Christendom. It is staggering to see. The book has huge implications for a revolution, in my view. It states an irrefutable case, one fact after the other. And it makes the case for Christianity being a man-made religion having nothing to do whatsoever with the life of Life itself. As has been proven yet again in this book, the Mysteries go looking for the artists among us to say what cannot be said. That’s why I position Transformative EroticaTM as an art form. Artists understand the inextricable nature of sense-uality and spirituality, one from the other. I do not come at this through religion. I want to stage sacred sensuality, sacred spirituality, wherever it is found in human culture. The language is art. We’ve all got it.

What I have owned for myself is that the sheep in wolves clothes who run the highly profitable enterprise of Christian religion is that no one can co-opt the Holy Spirit whom I know simply as Life bursting in me. And they are certainly not the keepers of all things God. We are moral free agents, and as such we have the power to define ourselves positively, to interpret our history on our own behalf, and to speak the truth to ourselves on new “tapes” we have the authority to write. And we can play these new messages of hope and joy and compelling vision any time we want to in the inviolable sanctity of our inner self.

Through the many years of spiritual journeying away from evangelicalism to what I think of as the broad place of God, I’ve written essays about insights that came to me. I’ll look for some of them and send them along.

I hope you have a great day, too, Dave. And that the sun is shining for you.

Please be encouraged in your work with this website. It is supremely important! We need a place to rage about what has been done to us. We need a place to articulate what our heart understands about matters of faith. We need a place to laugh at the lunacy of religion, to shine a spotlight on its evil, and to heartache for those of us who didn’t make it. I’m thinking about my youngest brother who didn’t survive the corporal punishment my father unleashed on him –- beating the sin out of him to save his eternal soul -- along with all the messages we kids received about how God hated us. Jim died an early death born of self-destructive things he reached for to try to protect and comfort the boy in him who was killed long before he died. We all know about this. Some of us coming up in it just don’t make it through the nightmare of the Christian religion.

So thank you for what you do to make this website happen.


PS. Post anything you receive from me that you think contributes to the purpose of this website.

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