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Don't condemn Jesus!

A letter from John

I've read the articles on your site, and I realize that some of the Christians and atheists are 2 sides of the same coin: both angry at people who don't follow their ideals.

A lot of atheists have taken pot shots at Jesus.

But, in truth, did Jesus found Christianity? NO!

Jesus was a guy who thought he had some good ideas. He may have been deluded into thinking that he had some message from God or maybe he did genuinely receive some inspiration from a higher source. I don't know and I don't care.

Christianity as we know it was created by Roman politics. The bible, which Christians claim to be inspired by Jesus - and thus has credibility, was in fact just a few of a great many writings on Christianity which happened to be... politically correct, and hence were compiled to form the bible that we know of. The other writings were suppressed and destroyed.

To what extent Jesus preached about going to Hell for your sins and insisting on Sermons every Sunday and forcing creationism down every one's throats... no one knows, IF he ever preached such things.

Indeed, why did Jesus and the apostles abandon the Jewish practice of not eating pork? (Jesus and his followers were Jews who simply thought that they had some great ideas)

Because they considered substance to be of more importance than form.

The religion is not about the ritual. U can have a great healthy diet and eat pork or not eat pork. It doesn't make a difference. You can be a great human being in many ways. They were unlikely to be as anal retentive as the militants of today.

"Christ wasn't a Christian, Buddha wasn't a Buddhist, and Mohammad wasn't a Muslim. These organized creations of other men came about after their death, and with them came the titles, rituals, and terminology's which created a separation of dogma. The terminology, the 'word' printed and bound, became the thing. As Krishnamurti said, "the name is not the thing". Shakespeare doesn't exist inside the ink on the page, the soul doesn't exist within DNA, and god cannot be found in a book." (quote from

Indeed the early Christians are not the militants we know of today; they were SO passive that they REFUSED to serve the Roman army, even when the Roman empire was suffering barbarian incursion after incursion. They were not all fired up and eager to kill. They did not say- I’ll burn you at the stake because you don't believe in Jesus... that came later, when Christianity was organized. Today militants threaten us not with "fire and sword", instead they manipulate the law. Instead of killing us, they only attempt to kill our souls- our ideals, our perception of freedom.

The evangelists and other fanatics like Osama, believe that if individuals do not follow certain rituals or form, like morning prayer in school and covering woman up respectively, the world will go to hell.

But was that EVER the emphasis of the prophets? Historical evidence says NO.

So to conclude, I've got this to say: Don't condemn Jesus, and as for fanatics who claim their ideas come from Jesus, I say- you have no legitimacy.

--- John