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I'm not sure why I joined this discussion. It's the first discussion or comment exchange I've been a part of on-line other than some with myspace friends; rarely. I wasn't looking for inspiration or validation when I logged in to this site. I just ran across it by accident; read a few comments, became irritated, and was provoked by stupidity (not ignorance, STUPIDITY) to comment. I too was a "born again christian" for 20 years of my life. I was sheltered. It took that long (20 years) before I was introduced to any other ideas. Believe it! And how were they introduced to me? My own reflections. Really. You just have to be willing to think honestly. So anyway, I was a "born again christian". I also spoke in tongues. But unlike some others, I'm willing to admit to you and myself; I FAKED IT, alot. I've felt god, spoken to him many times; until I found biology and chemistry and other sciences (my biology teacher in the christian school I attended did not believe in science). It was swift. It's not always easy to know what IS. But once we know something IS NOT; then, IT'S NOT. Like the earth is NOT about 6000 years old. We have dominion over the animals, about as much as they have dominion over us. We are just more selfish and cruel. The rainbow is not a sign or a promise from god to noah. It appeared countless times in countless places before god was ever imagined as the answer to anything. And god REALLY does NEVER heal amputees. All I'm trying to say is that this site is such a dissapointment. I mean, most of these people don't have it any more right than they had it before. They're just trying to switch ideas and change it up for themselves. They still don't care about honest evidence or about being reasonable. For the most part, it seems like this site is a bunch of superstitious wish-thinkers supporting other superstitious wish-thinkers in their search to find a different idea to be stupid about. Don't any of these people see? Religion or a god (as far as it concerns truth and morality) is not even a subject that should be on the table for debate. Reason and evidence destroy these ideas at the outset. Honest research and honest answers and honest progress; that's all I'm interested in. Out of 30-something comments, I only found JACKIE and TELMI to make any sense. Is this site to even be acknowledged by atheist? A site full of unsure ex-christians telling unsure, questioning-christians to keep asking questions; and supporting them by saying that their questions will either lead them further away from or closer to god. What does that benefit? Tell them what you know, or go back to church.

If my first impression of this site is off base, will someone please explain it to me?

I have experienced God, but...

Sent in by Steve Johnsons

I am a practicing Christian and I go to the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago Illinois. Every day I am surrounded by some of the most ignorant people that I know. As a matter of fact, I only have one friend who confronts the tough questions of Christianity, like the origin of evil and some other tough ideas.

I have been questioning my faith for a few weeks now. It's not that I don't have the "willpower" to believe, if you want to say that. It's whether I "want" to believe anymore. The "world" has become much more appealing to my eyes, and God, who does not communicate to me, has become less appealing.

I am sick and tired of these fucking ignorant answers I get from every Christian I know. It seems as though they believe in God with no evidence, which is stupid. Why would anyone believe in something they can't see or have at least not experienced.

I have experienced God, or so I think. I have cried in worship, I have spoken in new tongues. I have begun to doubt all of these experiences and am wondering if they were all just emotion. I wonder, does Christian music just have very emotional music patterns? I can listen to some music and immediately begin to cry.

Anyway, is there anyone I should talk to on this site? As I am having many doubts. What I want though, is not for someone to try and entice me to be a non-Christian, but only to encourage me to think rationally about some things. I have found that Christians are some of the most irrational thinkers I know. When i try to engage many in conversation, they are just retarded. Anyone I should talk to?



Spiritual idiots

From Rev Bob Pyle, MA

As a nondenominational minister, I am disturbed and enraged by the fact that many people who leave the Church do so because of the dumb actions of certain believers. The idea is to concentrate on God, and not his alleged flock.

A classic case to make my point is the organization CUFI (Christians United for Israel), which is led by a self-deluded, spiritual idiot named John Hagee. His big thing is we are to nuke Iran. This is to precipitate a violent response from Muslims, and in the aftermath, Christ is supposed to return to establish His kingdom.

There is NOT one word in Scripture to support nor validate this stupidity on the part of Hagge & his flock. Therefore, I strongly recommend you give thought that with "friends" such as Hagee & his biblical illiterates who are quite willing to commit murder, Christ does not need any enemies.

Enough said.

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I want to belong

From Meranda F

How do you deal with people who don’t agree with you or threaten your position on life with good solid evidence? Do you just walk away defeated with a plain face? What about when you feel hurt or offended that your ideas or way of life just don't seem to stand up to theirs?

Seems like every time I take up a new position, I get beaten down for it, because it isn’t the "right" position. I used to be atheist, but there was so much negativity expressed toward it, and I just wanted to feel at peace with my decision. I knew that I didn't believe in a god, but even if there was a god, I wanted to chose how I would deal with it. I didn't want anyone choosing for me.

So I turned to secularity because it seemed to be the perfect fit for my beliefs: no religion in government, no proselytizing others, and freedom to do as I choose so long as I don't hurt others.

I wonder, is it that I really don’t believe in a god, or am I sick of conventional ideas on how to worship a god? Or maybe I’m just sick of the idea of god.

I don’t want to worship or participate in what is generally accepted as belief and worship, especially in organized religion. It would be wrong to call myself Christian because I don’t believe in the bible or its mythical characters and because it is associated with so much negatively, closed mindedness, inconsideration, domination and fundamentalism. But I want to belong to something. I've belonged to something my entire life!!!!

Are there sites out there that explain it all?

Honestly, I’m shocked when I come across atheists/secularists who hate GLBT people, who don’t understand a woman’s right to choose or who support creationism in schools. If any of you are out there, how does that make any sense? What’s worse is when they tell me I’m deluded.

Any Idea's out there!?

True Christians don't ...

From Gloria

I'd like to comment on your following statement:

"My point is that many Christians who arrive here do not obey the dictates of their own religion. They post on this site with beams in their eyes howling at Dave to remove the speck in his. They claim a loving god and can neither give a convincing argument for the claim based upon the contents of their faith nor the example of their own behavior. They call Dave hateful and promise him nothing but Hell." -- ref

1. There are many people who call themselves Christians. Christ lends respectability and the image of being a "nice guy" to a person's identify. Many people simply fake it. I suspect that many of the fakers actually believe they're Christians.

2. True Christians don't write hateful e-mail. They do not condemn people to Hell.

Please don't confuse charlatans -- who just want to argue (because your opinion differs from what they pretend to believe) -- with true Christians.

God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and Salvation are very, very easy to understand. Little children can grasp the concept. But He isn't forcing anybody to take what's being offered. It's your "free gift," but only if you want it.

In closing: I will uphold your right to be wrong. You're entitled to believe as you will. I only ask that you consider that "real" Christians aren't sitting around composing hate mail to anybody.

Oh. And on that request for a $10 donation from "True Christians . . ." LOL Nice try. That was a good one. I got a kick out of that.

Best Regards,

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