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True Christians don't ...

From Gloria

I'd like to comment on your following statement:

"My point is that many Christians who arrive here do not obey the dictates of their own religion. They post on this site with beams in their eyes howling at Dave to remove the speck in his. They claim a loving god and can neither give a convincing argument for the claim based upon the contents of their faith nor the example of their own behavior. They call Dave hateful and promise him nothing but Hell." -- ref

1. There are many people who call themselves Christians. Christ lends respectability and the image of being a "nice guy" to a person's identify. Many people simply fake it. I suspect that many of the fakers actually believe they're Christians.

2. True Christians don't write hateful e-mail. They do not condemn people to Hell.

Please don't confuse charlatans -- who just want to argue (because your opinion differs from what they pretend to believe) -- with true Christians.

God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and Salvation are very, very easy to understand. Little children can grasp the concept. But He isn't forcing anybody to take what's being offered. It's your "free gift," but only if you want it.

In closing: I will uphold your right to be wrong. You're entitled to believe as you will. I only ask that you consider that "real" Christians aren't sitting around composing hate mail to anybody.

Oh. And on that request for a $10 donation from "True Christians . . ." LOL Nice try. That was a good one. I got a kick out of that.

Best Regards,