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Saturday, April 05, 2008                                                                                       View Comments

I want to belong

From Meranda F

How do you deal with people who don’t agree with you or threaten your position on life with good solid evidence? Do you just walk away defeated with a plain face? What about when you feel hurt or offended that your ideas or way of life just don't seem to stand up to theirs?

Seems like every time I take up a new position, I get beaten down for it, because it isn’t the "right" position. I used to be atheist, but there was so much negativity expressed toward it, and I just wanted to feel at peace with my decision. I knew that I didn't believe in a god, but even if there was a god, I wanted to chose how I would deal with it. I didn't want anyone choosing for me.

So I turned to secularity because it seemed to be the perfect fit for my beliefs: no religion in government, no proselytizing others, and freedom to do as I choose so long as I don't hurt others.

I wonder, is it that I really don’t believe in a god, or am I sick of conventional ideas on how to worship a god? Or maybe I’m just sick of the idea of god.

I don’t want to worship or participate in what is generally accepted as belief and worship, especially in organized religion. It would be wrong to call myself Christian because I don’t believe in the bible or its mythical characters and because it is associated with so much negatively, closed mindedness, inconsideration, domination and fundamentalism. But I want to belong to something. I've belonged to something my entire life!!!!

Are there sites out there that explain it all?

Honestly, I’m shocked when I come across atheists/secularists who hate GLBT people, who don’t understand a woman’s right to choose or who support creationism in schools. If any of you are out there, how does that make any sense? What’s worse is when they tell me I’m deluded.

Any Idea's out there!?