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Friday, April 11, 2008                                                                                       View Comments

Spiritual idiots

From Rev Bob Pyle, MA

As a nondenominational minister, I am disturbed and enraged by the fact that many people who leave the Church do so because of the dumb actions of certain believers. The idea is to concentrate on God, and not his alleged flock.

A classic case to make my point is the organization CUFI (Christians United for Israel), which is led by a self-deluded, spiritual idiot named John Hagee. His big thing is we are to nuke Iran. This is to precipitate a violent response from Muslims, and in the aftermath, Christ is supposed to return to establish His kingdom.

There is NOT one word in Scripture to support nor validate this stupidity on the part of Hagge & his flock. Therefore, I strongly recommend you give thought that with "friends" such as Hagee & his biblical illiterates who are quite willing to commit murder, Christ does not need any enemies.

Enough said.

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