Dear Brother Dave,

I just happen to come upon you site, call it divine appointment. I wander why you would say these things about The Lord. What you've frogotten is that God has given you a "free will". You are a free moral agent, if you leave him that's your choice. Christianity does not control anyone or anything. God loves you regardless of how you may feel about Him. God has blessed me since I came to Him. No! it's not easy, and if you read your Bible(if you still have it) Jesus said that we would be persecuted, and afflicted because of our believes, and that it's nothing against us, it's against Him. Somewhere along the line you must have taken it(your bad experience) personal and you wasn't even against you it was agianst Him. What bad experience did you have that made you change your mind about The Lord? What ever it was you should've sought the Lord about it, not up and just run away when things got tough. You defeated yourself, the devil defeated you, and now you blame God!? I truly don't understand your point of view. By the way I'm Nigeul, most folks call me Bro. Nigeul or Preacher. In the Bible it says "Woe to him that knoweth the truth, and does nothing with it." My dear fallen Brother, come back to Christ, for we are in the Last Days. Jesus may come at any moment, don't do this to yourself or your family. God is not to blame for what ever made you quit the Faith, maybe christianity.It seems to me your grudge is with religion and God. I've learned a long time ago when it comes to God, 100% of the time we must look in the mirror if we want to blame someone. In closing, I say this, Gods' question to us is this "Will you live for me? It won't be easy, but it will be worth it! Will you live for me?" We answer by our actions. Please Brother return to God, not chrstianity.


not by works

Man! you really have missed the point - Grace and Mercy is the whole point...Grace is getting what you don't deserve(Forgiveness; Life; Family; basically anything good that you have at all!) and Mercy is not getting what we do deserve(Hell) We, every single human, christian or nonchristian, are sinners and we deserve Hell and death and torment and total seperation from God...but the whole point of Christ is to come to earth, being 100% human, walking in our shoes, being tempted by Satan, staying perfect, dying a horrible death on the Cross, not to mention with all of God's wrath bearing down on Him, and he died as the perfect sacrifice to God...stepping in our place, so we can have connection and intamacy and knowledge of God and who He is...yeah, i agree..there is no real christian due to the fact that we are sinners...none of us claim to be perfect..none of us claim to obery his commands...but, i will say he is the only thing worth living for and the only thing worth dying for - there is nothing else on this planet that makes sense of reality, except the Bible...read the whole thing through and you will totally agree with me...so, in conclusion - christians still stink, we still sin every single day...we still break God's heart every single day - but Christ came and He went through Hell on earth so we don't have to spend our eternity in Hell - It is by His wounds you have been healed...we do nothing to achieve this...no work in the world that we can do will even come close to getting admission to heaven..that fact that we are sinners and realizing that is what God wants, it makes us cling to Christ that much more and realize we need to rely on Him that much more..i'm gonna close with a sweet shpeal...

the bible says my king is a seven way king..he's the king of jews, that's a racial king...He's the king of Israel, that's a national king...he's the king of righteousness, he's the king of the ages, he's the king of heaven, he's the king of glory, he's the king of kings and he's the lord of lords. That's my king!
David says the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmanent shows his handiwork. my king is the sovereign king. no means of measure can define his limitless love..no far seeking telescope can bring into visibility the coastline of shoreless supplies. no barriers can hinder him from pouring out his blessing. he's enduringly strong, he's entirely sincere, he's eternally steadfast, he's immortaly graceful, he's imperially powerful, he's impartially merciful. That's my king.
He's the phenomenon to ever cross the horizon of this world. he's god's son. he's the sinner's savior. he's the centerpiece of civilization. he stands in the solitude of himself. he's august and he's unique. he's unparalled and he's unprecedented. he's the loftiest idea in literature, he's the highest personality in philosphy, he's the supreme problem in higher criticism today, he's the fundamental doctrine of true theology, he's the core, the necessity for spiritual religion, he's the miracle of the age, he's the superlative of everything good that you chose to call him, and he's the only qualified to be an all sufficient savior.
he supplies strength for the weak, he's availabe for the tempted and tried, he sympathizes and he saves, he strenghtens and sustains, he guards and he guides, he heals the sick, he cleanses the lepors, he forgives sinners, he discharges debtors, he delivers the captives, defends the feeble, he blesses the young, he serves the unfortunate, he regards the ages, he rewards the diligent and purifies the meek.
my king is the key to knowledge, he's the wellspring to wisdom, he's a doorway of deliverance, he's a pathway of peace, he's a roadway of righteousness, he's a highway of holiness, he's a gateway of glory.
his office is manifold, his promise is sure, his light is matchless, his goodness is limitless, he mercy is everlasting, his love never changes, his Word is enough, his grace is sufficient, his reign is righteous and his yoke is easy and his burden is light.
well, i wish could describe him to you, but i can't. He's indescribable.He's God! he's incromprehensible, he's irresistable, you can't get him off you mind and you can't get him off you hand, you can't outlive him and you can't live without him. the pharisees couldn't stand him but they found they couldn't stop him. pilate couldn't find any fault in him, the witnesses couldn't get their testimonies to agree. herod couldn't kill him, death couldn't handle him and the grave couldn't hold him. That's my king!
the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever and ever, (how long is that?) forever and ever and ever, and when you get done with all the forevers...then Amen!Amen!Amen!

alright dude - i don't know how you can still look at this God and not be impressed...i don't know how you can look around and see oceans and mountains and how complex your entire body is and how all must work together to function correctly, how many different species there are of insects - just to name a few..if you want, i could go on for hours b/c that is how big God is...this email will end with the Word of God...not out of context!
"for He has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins."
Colossians 1:13-14
email me back!

cleansed by the blood of Jesus,

Baptist ministers son

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I am a Baptist ministers son and a happy atheist. You would love the book The Birth of Consiousness and the Breakown of the bicameral Mind, by Julain Jaynes. He explains how most feelings of a god are mental abilities that we are losing. A good thing I think . It helps explain how very intelligent people we respect believe. Well if they feel a spiritual presence how can they not. Most honest and sincere religous leaders acknowledge there is no scientific basis for belief but if they "feel" a presence to pray to its hard to ignore.

I don't feel it.

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