Dear Brother Dave,

I just happen to come upon you site, call it divine appointment. I wander why you would say these things about The Lord. What you've frogotten is that God has given you a "free will". You are a free moral agent, if you leave him that's your choice. Christianity does not control anyone or anything. God loves you regardless of how you may feel about Him. God has blessed me since I came to Him. No! it's not easy, and if you read your Bible(if you still have it) Jesus said that we would be persecuted, and afflicted because of our believes, and that it's nothing against us, it's against Him. Somewhere along the line you must have taken it(your bad experience) personal and you wasn't even against you it was agianst Him. What bad experience did you have that made you change your mind about The Lord? What ever it was you should've sought the Lord about it, not up and just run away when things got tough. You defeated yourself, the devil defeated you, and now you blame God!? I truly don't understand your point of view. By the way I'm Nigeul, most folks call me Bro. Nigeul or Preacher. In the Bible it says "Woe to him that knoweth the truth, and does nothing with it." My dear fallen Brother, come back to Christ, for we are in the Last Days. Jesus may come at any moment, don't do this to yourself or your family. God is not to blame for what ever made you quit the Faith, maybe christianity.It seems to me your grudge is with religion and God. I've learned a long time ago when it comes to God, 100% of the time we must look in the mirror if we want to blame someone. In closing, I say this, Gods' question to us is this "Will you live for me? It won't be easy, but it will be worth it! Will you live for me?" We answer by our actions. Please Brother return to God, not chrstianity.


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