Why it kills me that you have lost site of the fact that Christ loves you

It breaks my heart to see that there is a website for people who have fallen away from Christ. Why is it that you have fallen away? Is it because a lot of terrible stuff has happened in your life and you? Is it because church is dull and monatamous?

I don't know why, but I would like to know. I just don't understand how you can renounce your faith. The God of the universe sent His only Son to die the most painful death EVER for your and my sins. That is love beyond recognition.

If you are saying, "If God really loves me then why did (fill in the blank) happen?" I honestly don't always know. What i do know is this that God had a purpose for it to happen in your life and He wants you to draw close to Him in your pain and mourning. If you email me i can maybe help you understand why or maybe just listen to what you have to say.

I dont claim to be a prophet or a scholar. I am just a man that loves Christ and understands His love for me.

David Valentine
email: davidloveschrist@yahoo.com

I’m undertaking a research project

Dear Web Administrator,

I am a researcher in the School of History, Philosophy, Religion and
Classics at the University of Queensland, Australia. I’m undertaking a
research project into the comparative socio-cognitive causes of apostasy
(deconversion) from Muslim and Christian fundamentalisms.

The data for the project is being collected through interviews,
narrative collections and an online survey. Naturally, your website is
an important space for people who have left fundamentalist orientations.

I was hoping you would be willing to provide a link to the project
survey on your web site or notify the Ex-tian mailing list. I
understand the sensitivities of this field of study and would be more
than happy to provide any information that might help you to make a
decision. Obviously, you might like to view the survey first. It is
located online at the URL: http://uqconnect.net/~zzaof . All survey
participants remain anonymous.

At the conclusion of the project, participants would be invited to
comment on its results and the theories generated from their responses.
It is anticipated that the completed project would be published and
presented in relevant journals.

Thank you for your consideration.


Raoul Adam

Principal Researcher
Apostasy & Fundamentalism Project
School of History, Philosophy, Religion & Classics
University of Queensland.
Email: aof at uqconnect dot net

What's with the tongue?

I am definately an EX Christian but I do have a burning question. It is about the speaking in tongues thing.

My church preached we were to: (1) Become born again (2) be baptised (in water) and then (3) be baptised in the Holy Spirit by speaking in tongues. Now, I DID (1) and (2) back in the day but (3) never happened. I don't know whether if it HAD, I would still have left. Probably. But, is there anyone here who DID speak in tongues and yet is now an ex Christian, ie. it DID happen, but you still left?

And also, is the tonguified thing for real? Or is it like the Emperor's New Clothes, there's nothing there but in some way people act like it is? (I used to think it was gross, by the way, how they'd say "..the Holy Spirit will not force himself on you" it sounded SO SEXUAL! I DID believe in it and that I was ready and TRIED to be good but it DIDN'T happen people. Your views on using tongue PLEASE?! Thanks!

It is impossible to de-convert!

I was 12 when I became a Christian and it is impossible to leave Christianity.

I am Southern Baptist. I becamse a Christian because the conviction of the Holy Spirit made me realize that without Christ I would spend eternity in hell.

It is impossible to de-convert!

I really fell sorry for you guys! The Apostle Paul said, If they went out from us that it was because they were never really a part of us. If they were, they would not have gone out from us.

Jesus talked about the tares among the wheat and we know that to be true even within the churches. I think the problem is that most of you were never Christians to start with. You thought you were because you did this or that or whatever. Jesus said that "You must be born again."

Then scripture tells us that when you are born again the Holy Spirit comes to reside in you and he is the one who changes your life as you listen and obey Him as He leads you. Sounds like you guys have missed the boat. May God have mercy on you and give you another opportunity before it is too late.

Ernie Sluder
Myrtle Beach SC USA

You have a stupid website

I was saved when I was three

You have a stupid website. If you have a problem with Christians keep them to youself. The story of Jesus wherever it came from has inspired many people to devote their lives to good, and even if it has caused trouble, your website is very abrasive and a real ex-christian has no need for it. stop imposing your stupid self-important superior beliefs on everyone else.

Dublin Ireland

This Site is Disgusting!

Dear Webmaster,

This site is disgusting, most of the articles you post, trying to show that Christianity is a fable, are grose misrepresentations of the will of God, where Christians have got it fatally wrong. I pray that God will convict your heart, I know he has already forgiven you of this. Abondoning God is one thing, but incouraging it for other people is not on.

I pray that this site has not contributed in sending a soul to hell. You have obviously never known God, because if you had, this site would never had been born. What you encountered was religion and Im sorry that you have turned your back on the most important thing in existance.

May God bless you, and may you find him, hes waiting for you to return and get to know him properly. People, God loves every one of you, dont let Satan take him away from you, hes the best thing that will ever happen to you. Truth cannot be destroyed, how ever hard you try. The truth is God, and will continue to be for eternity, and nothing that anybody says or does can change that. The journey continues, I grieve that you arnt part of it.

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