It is impossible to de-convert!

I was 12 when I became a Christian and it is impossible to leave Christianity.

I am Southern Baptist. I becamse a Christian because the conviction of the Holy Spirit made me realize that without Christ I would spend eternity in hell.

It is impossible to de-convert!

I really fell sorry for you guys! The Apostle Paul said, If they went out from us that it was because they were never really a part of us. If they were, they would not have gone out from us.

Jesus talked about the tares among the wheat and we know that to be true even within the churches. I think the problem is that most of you were never Christians to start with. You thought you were because you did this or that or whatever. Jesus said that "You must be born again."

Then scripture tells us that when you are born again the Holy Spirit comes to reside in you and he is the one who changes your life as you listen and obey Him as He leads you. Sounds like you guys have missed the boat. May God have mercy on you and give you another opportunity before it is too late.

Ernie Sluder
Myrtle Beach SC USA

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