Why it kills me that you have lost site of the fact that Christ loves you

It breaks my heart to see that there is a website for people who have fallen away from Christ. Why is it that you have fallen away? Is it because a lot of terrible stuff has happened in your life and you? Is it because church is dull and monatamous?

I don't know why, but I would like to know. I just don't understand how you can renounce your faith. The God of the universe sent His only Son to die the most painful death EVER for your and my sins. That is love beyond recognition.

If you are saying, "If God really loves me then why did (fill in the blank) happen?" I honestly don't always know. What i do know is this that God had a purpose for it to happen in your life and He wants you to draw close to Him in your pain and mourning. If you email me i can maybe help you understand why or maybe just listen to what you have to say.

I dont claim to be a prophet or a scholar. I am just a man that loves Christ and understands His love for me.

David Valentine
email: davidloveschrist@yahoo.com

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