Friendly greets...

Although I could call myself a Christian I don't feel much better about (so-called) Christianity than you.

I really think you are right about many things.

It really saddens me to see all the 'loving' remarks from Christians. I believe that all mankind will be saved one day. This opinion makes me (in my experience) in the eyes of most Christians a bigger enemy than any atheist or Satanist.

We differ in our viewpoint regarding God, Jesus, the bible etc. But I don't hate you! I think you prove to be quite a humorous, intelligent guy.

Friendly greets,

Jan (from the Netherlands)

Answers anyone?

Hi Dave.

I was wondering if you could possibly post some questions for my wife and I on your site so people can respond. I need some answers, and am not sure where the best places to look are.

Im not the best seeker and finder. Others can glean from this as well. Or if not maybe you could help steer me straight.

Thanks- Tim

1. How and when did the Old and New Testament canons form, and when were the books contained therein written?

2. I can't seem to find any information on Sir William Ramsay. Help!

3. It is said that there have been no archeological finds that contradict or dispute the bible. Is this true?

4. How accurate historically are the books of the bible?

5. In your opinion, list 3 of the most serious problems, errors, or inaccuracies in the bible.

6. If you have renounced christianity, what were the factors that had the most impact on your decision?


He chose to do it

I accidently ran into this site.

I'm sorry to here how all of you feel about Jesus. He didn't do anything to you. People did.

We all go through things that are tough but Jesus Christ had nothing to do with it. He loves all of you and he has been through as much and more than we have and He chose to do it


Found myself possesed by demons a couple years ago and had to ask Jesus for help getting rid of 'em. Voices in your head and all that stuff. Jesus got rid of 'em and I've been happy ever since. I just ask Him to show me what I shoud do everyday and He leads, I follow, Easy. Keep life simple and stop blaming God and everybody around you, you'll see.

Love to you all
Joy Chartier

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