I was born and raised in a Hindu family in India but things changed when I came to the U.S. Another Hindu (a much older person) asked me whether the Hindu God promised to incarnate whenever immense evil took over. I nodded. Then he asked as to why when Hitler killed millions of Jews, he never showed up. That got me to thinking.

Ever since (that is, almost 10 years) I have been thinking more in terms of religion and had hours and hours of discussions with Christians. I will try to post my thoughts whenever possible, but here is one for starters.

I think the very basis of Christianity is wrong - wrong in two important ways. First, it believes in punishing someone else for someone's sins. Second, it rewards someone else for someone's sacrifice.

Proof (of the first point):

Cananite children were killed because their elders committed sins. Every newborn is considered sinful, only because Adam and Eve committed their first sin.

Proof (of the second point):

You commit crimes/sins. Jesus pays (or paid) for it.


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