secret supporters

Your website, while it raises serious questions, also has bad info. Much of it has been debunked, old news, history. You nosense and devotion to what is passed as sciens is amusing. (But I guess you also don't mind when science is funded by Ford Foundation or the Rockefeller Fund, or when paleontologists are funded by Royal Dutch Shell). 16 Crucified Saviours? Please! That book is way out. Pagan Catholicism? Also very amusing. I guess you think the Spanish were cruel to the Indians as well, and oh that horrible Inquisition! Your history leaves a lot to be desired, as well as ignore all the atheists who have causes wars as well. I amazed you didn't tout the Arius Piso story. Ah well, you can drink in censored history all you want, but that don't make it true. (Luther was tied to the occultic Rosicrucians- but you knew that). If you think Protestant propaganda is truth, then you really have been deceived. If you really like truth, write back, If not, dabble with you anti-Christian rhetoric all you like, the CFR will love you for it. (I'm sure your familiar with them, they are your secret supporters).


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