stop spreading Satan's lies

Dear webmaster:

I urge you to stop spreading Satan's lies to the world. Look around you and see what's happening in the news: it's the Books of Daniel and Revelation coming true before our very eyes! You have no idea what you are doing to yourself and others by perpetuating this junk on your website. You are very lost and the time to get yourself right with your Creator is getting shorter by the day.


Anonymous said...

I have news for you Carmen, Satan doesn't exist, nor does the vengeful god of the Bible.

Anonymous said...

Carmen is the antichrist! A prophesy come true!

Anonymous said...

to the person who said that satan doesnt exsist ur wrong my friend also the God of the bible does exsist and you will have to face him oneday are you ready to give an account of your life to him?

Astreja said...

Our latest anonymous "guest lecturer" bleated: Are you ready to give an account of your life to him?

Hey, no problemo. I know with approximately .999... certainty that in this life I have not flooded any planets, nor have I caused the genocide of an entire people.

Read your Bible a bit more closely, luv... We should be the ones judging your maniac god.

As for you, Carmen... Get your head out of your sorry butt and stop spreading crap about gods and devils. This world has problems aplenty without a cadre of superstitious, reality-challenged humanoids trying to run the show.

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