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Help me! Please!

Sent in by Mike Brown

help me please, I am a christian, I'll admit it. I know such a confession on a site like this is like painting a target on yourself but here goes. I've been accused of "soliciting" trying to "convert" you name it I've gotten it in the last two day. I'm sure some of you are annoyed with me and have me shoved into the same old box of "just here to try out the latest evangelism techniques. That's just not so... See I'm in semonary working towards my MDiv. We've been talking about some pretty difficult stuff for the church. Things like how to deal with the post modern world, how our faith can withstand the changes in the world, how are we to adjust our lives and message to an evolving context. These things are hard for us because the paradigm of the world is shifting. As believers we have to figgure out what shifts and what does not, what remains constant and what does not. It's not easy trying to figgure this out. It's actually quite difficult.

Ok, now why I'm here.... I was curious how others were handeling this shift in paradigms, you know from modernism to post modernism. I was curious how athiests (and I know not all of you are athiest but the responses I have received fit a modernist mindset pretty easily) were handeling this transition and what they were saying to each other and how this new world is affecting things.

What I have discovered is actually quite shocking to me. Not only can I not find anyone to discuss post modernism and it's implications but I can't even find anyone who will accept that we live in a post modern world. I mean I've gotten a hold of people who think that there really is a truth and that empiricism has access to it. It's amazing to me, honestly.

I know I'm a christian. I know therefore anything I say is suspect, but there is a much bigger world out there. Pure hard core athiest are becomming rarer and rarer I won't say we are becoming more christian but spirituality is something that is growing.

How are you modernists (and there are quite a few) handeling the transition from a world that believes truth exists to the post modern world where truth is contextually developed? This shift has implications for science, empiricism, technology, faith, reason, and Truth.

There I've said it, I've been trying to work my way into it and allow the topic to develop naturally but that's hit a brick wall. It seems to me that my biggest mistake here was to ask it from a Christian perspective. I didn't expect such a stiff arm to the topic just because I am a believer.

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