Jesus isn't just some belief we put faith into. He was real, and in the flesh. You, never accepting him or learning from the Bible who he was, doesn't mean you once did accept Him.

In order to be an ex at anything, you must first have accepted Him and ALL His Glory. So you read one or two stories and tried to compare it to your life or whatever. Have you seen the PASSION yet? Or is it to much to bear that you won't go see it.

The movie came at the perfect time!!! With gay marriages happening in our country, this movie is a wake up call for all humanity. Even the fake believers who now claim they are ex Christians. You never believed in the first place.

I see all these pawned off ideas on here and it reminds of Liberals and Utopianism. And we all know what quacks they are. Man uses only 10% of their brain, and in this websites case, we'll say 2%,(and that is stretching it).

Well, if God just couldn't make it any easier for you, he allowed the movie "The PASSION", which is PURE TRUTH, not idealogical theories of crap you display on your washed up website. YOU NEVER BELIEVED TO BEGIN WITH, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN ex-CHRISTIAN.

City: Houston
State: Tx
Country: USA
Became a Christian: old enough to realize man is blind
Ceased being a Christian: Ceased what?? I love the Lord thy God
Labels before: Don't need labels or churches, I have Jesus.
Labels now: Oh you people pride yourself in labels. I label you blind.
Why I joined: The Bible's awesome power of TRUTH led me.
Why I left: I didn't you 10 % usagers of brains.


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