we want to believe in a God...

What man can represent a God, or any God? Funny how people can claim they're called by God to preach? Yet they are very willing to accept money for their services.

If i were to be called by supposedly the most powerful being in the universe, it would be such a great honor for some God to have picked me, of all people in the world he could have chosen, that no monetary reward would ever sufice the great feeling of singlearity, from whom picked me to represent a God almighty. Why would a God call anyone to represent for God?

Also funny how God can call people to scam them out of their money, but cant help a 11 year old girl from being raped and killed in Florida, while her kidnapping was being video taped and recorded by humans.

Funny how come God just calls certain people for his own agenda. Why do we let these scoundrels fool us into believing them? Could it be that we want to believe in a God and a heaven so much that we are willing to give up our common sense in order to believe in the unbelievable.

It's the fear of the unknown, we fear death. It's the unnecessary fear of the unknown of after death that created all religions. We need a savior to help us through the journey of death, we need comfort, a reward, a feel good feeling to comfort us.

Church also comforts us, and the like minded members support us in our insanity of believing the unbelievable. God exists only in the minds of people, after death there is no more thinking. No more thinking of God and religion. After death there is no more
of anything.

Larry James

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