ExChristian.net has been so helpful to me.

Since the age of 8, I never believed the bull in the Bible. When I began my college career in 1980, I chose the closest university, which happened to be a Wesleyan Methodist College in my own town. Now at age 41, I am attending it again working on my Bachelor's. Only because I already had 65 credit hours from 1980. It takes everything I have to keep my mouth shut in class.

I always knew the Bible was garbage but couldn't realy stand by it with evidence. Now, that I've been introduced to exCristian .net I have sturred up a few of my classmates. They say it's always good to ask questions; so I gave it to them right in the eye. The students who dared to challenge me, were always left stuttering with their tongues tied. The professors (most of them) act as though they didn't understand the question or they avoid it completely.

It's quite entertaining.

I can now quote scriptures that support my proof, and I throw them right back in their faces. Especially the scripture where Jesus says you should hate and abandon your family. Most don't believe it's in their little Bible; but I show it to them in black and white. And would you believe that they still try to explain it away or change the complete meaning altogether. Their last ditch effort is to say that one must study the Bible in Greek (which they themselves don't know) or in detail to understand the TRUE meaning of the scriptures. It's all a hilarious joke.

Thanks for Listening.


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