You Know...You're Right

I would merely like to respond to the whole of the deconversion stories I've read, especially those who have been royally crapped upon by Christians.

I am not surprised, as many others who have commented on this site, that people would actually make such bold and brandish statements about hating church, God, Jesus, the Bible, and anything else "Religious." Christians today--in far too numerous occasions--are ignorant, shallow, hypocritical, rude, boisterous in their own stupidity, closed-off, ego-centric, wrong, selfish, whorish, idol-worshipers, slanderers, back-biters, and on and on and on.

We (Christians) are the scourge of the earth. Supposed handlers of truth, we have botched every good thing that the Bible or Christ ever stood for. Our collective "church body" in America particularly, is a brutish disgrace. To all you "CHristians" who come to this website thinking you have something to say--SAVE IT. Read every deconversion story you can before you want to throw-up, hate yourself, and completely change the way you live your life. Take a long, sober look.

These are the lives you destroy every day that you live for yourself and deny the truths you've let slip through your fingers. These are the people you think you are better than. These are the people who just want to be accepted, but you look at them funny because they don't look like you. These are the people that you wouldn't allow inside your church, so they have to sit outside on the curb and smoke a cigarette with Jesus Himself--yeah, you won't let Him in either.

To all you who have been disillusioned by my terrible bothers and sister, all I can say is, don't blame God for the failure of His stupid sheep. It's their fault, "let the blood be upon us and our children's children." We are sorry (as in sad). We are pathetic. And we need websites like this to wake us up. Thank you and my deepest regards.

joshua brindle

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