I would like to thank you

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for creating and supporting
such a wonderful collection of resources of the ex-Christian side of the
spectrum. I have read almost everything on your site over the past few weeks
and unlike the Christian-bashing that goes one in a lot of similar sites, I
have found yours quite different and truly refreshing. I am of a roman
catholic background and though I have jettisoned my "faith" in Christ a long
time ago, I suppose I read this sort of material to embrace freedom from the
claustrophobic world of religious dogma.

Anyway, I will make myself scarce and only annotate the fact that along with
this short message, I am including an article I have recently found which I
thought might be of interest to you and the readers of your website. Chances
are that you have already read the included text, but since I cannot be sure
it wont hurt to try.

And on this note I shall conclude, wish you good luck in your ventures and
reinforce the hope of seeing the world wake up from its religious dream
[nightmare?]. Thank you for your work and dedication to the matter at hand.
May the force be with you : )

Kind regards,

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